Steal, Deal, or Splurge

If you’re not familiar with Joss & Main, I say you need to be. It’s one of those “members only” shopping sites, completely dedicated to home and garden stuff. They have new limited-time deals posted every day, and you can find some really great prices sometimes. (If you’re cheap like me, it may be rare to find deals in your price range, but it never hurts to look!) It’s free to join, so really, who’s it gonna hurt?

If you wanna join, feel free to sign up via my link – right here – it’s fun and free, what’s better than that??

The reason I mention all this is that one of today’s sales is something Joss & Main is calling “Steals, Deals & Splurges” where they list 3 versions of a similar item….one high dollar, one medium dollar, and one low(er) dollar. I like it!

Oohh…I dig all of those cabinets!

The Thornhill End Table for just $115? I could get on board with that.

LOVE all three of those tables, and the Uptown is so glam and lovely for only $126!!

As you can see, there are limited quantities on the items, so when you see something you like, it’s best to move fast! This particular sale just started today, and it’s open for 3 days. So sign up! Now! Buy stuff and get great deals!!

Joss & Main sign up!


Musical Monday: Under my Umbrella (ella ella ella)

*image via Pinterest

*image via Martha Stewart

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*image via Flickr

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I like to make lists.

Hi! Just a quick note to tell you guys that I’ve added more sites to my blogroll…and will be adding more, I’m sure. I’ve also added a new page full of shopping links — mainly to keep them in a nice, orderly directory for myself, and I also hope you guys can use the list for finding cool new stuff. I’ll be adding more there, too, as time goes on…just wanted to let you know it’s there now!


Ohhi. 🙂

So, I took my hiatus…and I didn’t think too much about the blog, really. The conclusion to all that non-thinking is as follows: I’mma keep doing pretty much what I was already doing. Ta da! I do hope to get back into my groove with projects…but I haven’t yet. I’ll probably keep sharing pretty pics with you, too…so I hope that’s cool. I’ll also share my house stuff and things I do around here, whenever I happen to do any. I definitely want to keep posting Musical Mondays, just because they’re fun…so I’m gonna do that. Otherwise, I’m going to try to stop overthinking it and just post what makes me happy, when I have time. Cool? K. ♥

p.s. Thanks to everyone who’s been checking in during my downtime. It was great to see the traffic stay steady. Thank you!

With that said — let Musical Monday begin.

*image via New York Social Diary

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I’ve lost my motivation. I can always find pretty pictures to post here, and I do enjoy looking at pretty pictures…but I know that I intended this blog to be more than that. I seem to have lost my project motivation…and my creativity…and my drive to spend the necessary time to put together an in-depth and purposeful blog post. I couldn’t say why I’ve lost these things, but I have. In fact, I have two projects in varying degrees of completion…and it’s like my brain has just chosen to forget they exist. Weird.

I know this is common – everyone loses motivation and direction. This is generally when I abandon it all and move on to a new thing…but I’m gonna try NOT to do that this time. I’m gonna try to remember exactly what I just stated — this happens to EVERYONE — and it doesn’t automatically mean THE END. I need to step back…maybe re-evaluate what I want to do  here…maybe not. Either way, I’m not giving up…just searching for my mojo. Hope you’ll stick around until I find it! ♥

Musical monday: time won’t let me.

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Did you see this? Feb 3 2012

A weekly post where I share cool things I came across this week that I would totally make you look at if you were here. ♥

This is weird. At Dornob.

Aww, I love this cute table makeover at Piewacket.

You can never have too many windows, I say. Also at Dornob.

Beautiful glass pieces in this photo by Keith Scott Morton.

Happy weekend! ♥