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Steal, Deal, or Splurge

If you’re not familiar with Joss & Main, I say you need to be. It’s one of those “members only” shopping sites, completely dedicated to home and garden stuff. They have new limited-time deals posted every day, and you can find some really great prices sometimes. (If you’re cheap like me, it may be rare to find deals in your price range, but it never hurts to look!) It’s free to join, so really, who’s it gonna hurt?

If you wanna join, feel free to sign up via my link – right here – it’s fun and free, what’s better than that??

The reason I mention all this is that one of today’s sales is something Joss & Main is calling “Steals, Deals & Splurges” where they list 3 versions of a similar item….one high dollar, one medium dollar, and one low(er) dollar. I like it!

Oohh…I dig all of those cabinets!

The Thornhill End Table for just $115? I could get on board with that.

LOVE all three of those tables, and the Uptown is so glam and lovely for only $126!!

As you can see, there are limited quantities on the items, so when you see something you like, it’s best to move fast! This particular sale just started today, and it’s open for 3 days. So sign up! Now! Buy stuff and get great deals!!

Joss & Main sign up!


I like to make lists.

Hi! Just a quick note to tell you guys that I’ve added more sites to my blogroll…and will be adding more, I’m sure. I’ve also added a new page full of shopping links — mainly to keep them in a nice, orderly directory for myself, and I also hope you guys can use the list for finding cool new stuff. I’ll be adding more there, too, as time goes on…just wanted to let you know it’s there now!

Window shopping: Etsy favorites

I’ve still got Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket…what to buy??

Experimental Vintage

Vintage Seventy Five

Urbanite Miami

I want all the things.

Window shopping: Etsy on the cheap – vintage accessories $20 and under

I would like all of these things.


Fowl Language

Sunny Day Vintage

Fun Retro

Moxie Thrift


Vintage Southwest


It’s also time to revisit some more decluttering! This week last year, I decluttered my two primary kitchen utensil drawers. I ended with them here:

…and a year later, here’s how they look:

Not too bad! 🙂 

Window shopping: it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…circa 1950-1965(ish)

I’m not a big holiday decorator, mainly because I’m lazy. I definitely appreciate a well-dressed holiday house…it’s just not something I’ve ever given a ton of attention. I have some cute things that I put out every year…or mostly every year…but I’ve been thinking maybe it’s time to step it up. I’ll clarify, though, that I’m strictly thinking it – I don’t see any action occurring for this Christmas. Either way, I’ve been Etsy-ing it up lately, so I did some window shopping for some great vintage/retro/kitschy pieces, to see what I could find.

You really can’t go wrong with gorgeous vintage bulbs! ♥

Both at prettysimpleshoppe.

WITH the revolving light!

Available from gaelianna.

I seriously love these. I would totally put these out in my house…possibly all year long.

From TheVelvetBranch.

Oh, these just scream 1950. ♥

Available from ObjectsdeArt.

These crack me up. 🙂 It’s like Santa knows a secret!

From Midwest Splendor.

This is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

Available at rosemarysgarden.

And, of course, ornaments. The second set below kinda makes me want to do, like, a total 50s bubblegum Christmas. Know what I mean?

From ivorybird.

From TempletonsAttic.

Both red and gold set available from Ragtopia.

Window shopping: measuring up.

When I bake and then blog it here, I realize how boring and generic my measuring cups and whatnot are. I want cute and whimsical and fun!

*from the top: Owl Measuring Spoon – set of 4 – $19.00 (Urban Outfitters) / Primary Confection Measuring Spoons – $14.00 (Anthropologie) / Extra Ingredients Measuring Spoons – $18.00 (Anthropologie)

*from the top: Sea Measuring Cups – $19.00 (West Elm) / Owl Measuring Cups – $19.00 (West Elm) / Austin’s Flora Measuring Cups – $28.00 (Anthropologie) / Add-Plenty-Of-Flowers Measuring Cups – $38.00 (Anthropologie)

Window shopping: my never-ending and frustrating quest for a rug

I haven’t had a living room rug in about 10 years. Why? Well, for one, I’m cheap and I cringe at the thought of spending $800-$1500 for a decent rug. And secondly, I just get overwhelmed with choices.Do I want a patterned rug? Something more organic? What color? What won’t easily be destroyed by dogs? I DON’T KNOW.

Anyway…I know I need to suck it up and buy one, because the room just looks sort of bare without it:

So I think – THINK – I’ve worked my brain around laying out a bit of cash for something nice…and Pottery Barn is having 15% off their rugs right now…so it’s time for some window shopping, at least.

Bindu Persian-style Rug from Pottery Barn – 8’x10′ $699.00 – I’m not sure about the tan…I think the red would be fine, but would it all be too much contrast?

Maren Persian-style Rug from Pottery Barn – 8×10′ $599.00 – I like the soft blues here, which might work well with the vague grey-blue-splashes of red color scheme I’ve been considering.

Color-Bound Flat-Braided Jute Rug from Pottery Barn – 8×10′ $299.00 – I like these primarily because they’re cheap…and they also seem more durable. I like the idea of something very neutral and non-patterned that doesn’t compete with the rest of the room. But is it just dull?

Linen Jute Rug from Pottery Barn – 8×10′ $349.00 – Okay, I’m kinda digging this. It’s cheaper…it’s organic…it seems durable…but it’s not so flat as the jute rugs above. It has a bit more depth. Yes? Maybe?