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Musical Monday: Under my Umbrella (ella ella ella)

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I’ve lost my motivation. I can always find pretty pictures to post here, and I do enjoy looking at pretty pictures…but I know that I intended this blog to be more than that. I seem to have lost my project motivation…and my creativity…and my drive to spend the necessary time to put together an in-depth and purposeful blog post. I couldn’t say why I’ve lost these things, but I have. In fact, I have two projects in varying degrees of completion…and it’s like my brain has just chosen to forget they exist. Weird.

I know this is common – everyone loses motivation and direction. This is generally when I abandon it all and move on to a new thing…but I’m gonna try NOT to do that this time. I’m gonna try to remember exactly what I just stated — this happens to EVERYONE — and it doesn’t automatically mean THE END. I need to step back…maybe re-evaluate what I want to do  here…maybe not. Either way, I’m not giving up…just searching for my mojo. Hope you’ll stick around until I find it! ♥


Well, apparently, I’ve taken an impromptu blog break. I’ll be back next week, though!! ♥

And now…

Taking a holiday break! See you all next week — have a very safe and ecstatically Happy New Year!

Inspiration Files: Lounging

I suspect this may be perceived as a bit cliche by some…but I really have always loved a chaise longue (lounge)…or recamier…or meridienne…any form of what you might call a fainting couch. There’s something very glamorous about a chaise, even those that are more shabby or primitive in design. I suppose it could be due to the images it conjures of fancy ladies lounging about, eating chocolates and cooling themselves with feathered fans, whilst wearing elegant silk gowns. Right? Is it just me?

*image via VT Interiors 

*image via French Eclectic on Etsy 

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Accidental Hiatus \m/

That may be my new band name. Either way, time and schedules and deadlines have gotten the better of me, so I’m taking a blog vacation for a week or 2 to get myself straight and organized again. I hope you’ll still be here when I get back! ♥

Until then – puppies!


Rest in peace, Chloe. ♥

April 15, 2004 – June 7, 2011

*blogging will resume sometime next week*