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The one where I show you my decking.

So, I figured that it was only appropriate for me to share my own Christmas deco since I’ve been bombarding you all with so many images of other people’s decorating. I’ll add the disclaimer that I think my own decorating is woefully sparse and ordinary compared to all the other festive stuff I’ve been blogging, but hey – full disclosure or something, right? And really, I do enjoy my own decorations – the living room does feel very festive – and really, you can add sparkly lights to anything and it’s automatically 50x better.

Yep. There’s my tree. This pic was taken before I had wrapped any gifts…there’s a lot more going on underneath the tree now, but I didn’t feel like taking another pic. As far as the tree goes, I keep it pretty simple (read: boring) and stick to mostly to red and gold ornaments…some shiny, some matte. I do have a few fun ornaments sprinkled in that have been given to me as gifts…and since I have been posting all these other awesome ornaments and whatnot, I’m considering some after-Christmas shopping to stock up on some new stuff for next year. Like vintage stuff. We’ll see.

R is our last initial, btw…not, like, just some random letter that someone picked. In case that wasn’t clear. 🙂

Aside from the tree, I’ve really only got the fireplace decorated, since I do believe it’s a holiday requirement if you do indeed have a fireplace.

I picked up the wreath (up top, on the mirror) about 8 years ago, on super sale from Pottery Barn. It’s starting to show a little wear, but I still think it’s just precious. It’s all glittery.

Also, those are stockings for our dogs. Yep, we’re those people.

Also about 8 years or so ago, I hit a few Crate & Barrel sales and picked up the green ceramic trees – WHICH I LOVE – and the gold wire trees even longer ago than that. If I was gonna collect something Christmas-y, it would totally be trees.

I also got the cute little mini wreaths from Crate & Barrel, and they may be my favorite. ♥

So, that’s me! I’d love to see your decorating, if you wanna share – just send pics to me at!!



So, remember my never-ending quest for a living room rug?





Yay! A few things happened that led me to this happy day. 1) I finally, you know, actually measured the space. I don’t know what it is about me and measuring – or not measuring, really. Anyway, I had always assumed that I would need an 8×10 rug – it’s a fairly big living room. I could certainly fit an 8×10 in there, but I realized (when I finally measured) that I could totally get away with 5×7 or 6×8 for the seating area. 2) Smaller rugs are cheaper rugs. 3) Pottery Barn had reduced all their rugs so the price wasn’t quite as scary on a 5×8 rug as on the 8x10s I had been eyeing all along. This is the Daphne Persian-style Rug and it was $379 at the time I purchased it. I see that they’ve raised the price back to the regular $429 now – which still isn’t horrible for a nice rug.

I’m still worried about this factor:

…but so far, so good. I have spot cleaner ready to go, and she really isn’t one to chew/tear things (knock on wood). I was so nervous, though, even putting the rug out — it was delivered last Thursday, and stayed in the plastic packaging until Saturday. It can’t get damaged while it’s still in the plastic, right? When I finally opened it on Saturday, I swear my heart was beating like crazy, because it was suddenly like a COMMITMENT – and then I was eyeing Janie very suspiciously all day, whenever she was in the living room. TRUST NO ONE.

Anyway, I’m very happy with my purchase. I think it works really well in the room, and it does make it feel a little cozier in there, and I am for that. To recap, we went from here:

to here:


DeClutter Thursday

Ohhi! It’s that time again – this week’s declutter is a small one, and not very exciting. Way to sell it, right? Since I’m all about my kitchen lately, I decided to clear out my two upper kitchen cabinets. For only two people living here, we seem to have a ton of dishes, and enough coffee mugs for, like…a lot more people.

Here’s before:

The cabinet on the right really isn’t that cluttered, but it does have a lot of items that we never use. Like seriously never. Those little canisters on the top shelf? Those are really cute plastic utensils (what’s with me and plasticware?) that match a bunch of plastic plates and plastic cups that I have. Those utensils haven’t been opened in the approximately 12 years that I’ve had them. Three of the four sets of matching plastic cups hadn’t been opened either. So, as cute as it all is – it has to go. Likewise, I found a few little serving bowls that I had completely forgotten were in that cabinet. I have never used them in the 7 years we’ve lived here…nor in the 7 years we lived in our first house. So they have to go, too. I struggle with getting rid of cute, usable stuff – you know the thought process: “Oh, I haven’t used this in 15 years, but now that I remember that I have it, I can totally use it!” And then you repeat that same thought process 15 years later. Who’s with me?? So I tried really hard to be tough, and if something hadn’t been used in 5 or more years, it went!

Here’s where that got me:

I kept a few extra coffee mugs for when we might actually have more than two coffee drinkers in the house at one time. I also kept a few glasses/mugs with sentimental value: anything with the Steelers logo (go, Steelers!) has to stay, and Mr.’s senior class mug was in there – can’t throw that away. Although, if someone had asked “hey, do you still have your senior mug?”, we’d have both been like “iunno *shrug*”. However, NOW we know.

Still not exciting, but much more sensible! IF I was super awesome, these cabinets would get an interior decor overhaul with some nice bright paint color, and I would buy all new dishes and glasses that are totally cute and coordinate with each other. Someday.

Now, to spice up this post a little, I bring you pictures of awesome cabinets to which I aspire.

*image via Apartment Therapy

I love the sunny yellow!

*image via Habitually Chic

*image via Shine Creative

I love the look of glass-front cabinets – it’s so bright and airy. But wow, you’ve really gotta have control of your clutter to rock those!

*image via Donkee House

Clearly, the above statement applies to open shelving cabinets, too – there’s just something so cottage-y about them! ♥

Someone’s in the kitchen…somewhere.

Last week, we talked about my  kitchen and “someday”. I’m gonna talk about that some more. As mentioned, there’s been very little updating to my kitchen over the years, and nothing has been done to it since we moved in. Here’s what we’ve got:

I feel the need to reiterate that this is what we moved into. I did NOT choose that color palette. Now, clearly, it needs help. It could be an amazing space with the help of an expensive professional – especially if we combined the kitchen and dining room into one big awesome space. But, with expensive professionals being, you know, expensive – I don’t see that happening. So, someday, I think we (Mr. and I) could do a basic re-vamp. New counters…paint/refinish the cabinets…switch the locations of the stove and refrigerator for a better flow…get a working dishwasher….add a few more wall cabinets…redo the color scheme to something more cheery and fresh. Time for some inspiration!

*image via Decorology

You really can’t beat crisp white finishes!

*image via Decorology

I’m on the fence about mirrored cabinet doors. It’s kinda fun…and would definitely bring lots of light to the room. I don’t know…intriguing.

*image via Decor8

I really like that soft grey-blue wall color.

*image via Decor8

Gah, those floors! ♥

*via Leslie Hoggatt on Pinterest

See, I think we could make our cabinets fun like these – fresh paint and fun hardware! Add some wood trim for the depth! I think if you describe it in short sentences and exclamation points, it makes it easier and more fun to do! Right!

While I was looking for inspiration, I came across this fun quiz at Stylish Home: Style Maker – it’s a visual quiz, and just takes a minute. Try it!

My style, apparently, is “Antiquated Espresso“. Who knew?


An intimate home of modest proportions. The “sit down” kitchen connects with family, friends and life style. Build a roaring fire and jump into your cozy bed. Connecting to the handcrafting of the artist, you sense a skill and some chance. Modern subtleties extend to your table. Afternoon caffeine breaks to change your point of view. Pre-war, upper east side attitude. A den of discussion for artists and intellectuals..

Suspected “Antiquated Espresso”

– Tom Waits
– Humphrey Bogart
– Kathryn Hepburn

What’s your style? Leave me a comment!


*image via Kim Berry on Pinterest

Hi there! Doing some mental decorating lately, thinking about stuff I’d love to do around here someday. Someday. Something I have thought about for a while is finding some sort of portable island for my kitchen. My kitchen needs all sorts of updating, which may happen someday, as well. (Someday is gonna be a seriously big day whenever it comes around.) My house was built in 1954 and there’s been very minimal updating to it over the years. It’s a decent size, and just a basic square layout, but not one big enough to have a permanent island. However, a small island on wheels would be great to use when I’m on a baking spree – good for extra surface space as well as storage – and then I could just roll it away somewhere when I’m done. Yay!

I know there are tons of little wheeled carts that can be purchased to serve exactly that purpose, but I don’t want one of those. I want something that I can re-purpose – maybe something a bit industrial, and definitely something with some history and character. So – someday – I’ll start looking for that.

In the meantime, here are some pics for dreaming…

*via Remodelista

*via DesireToInspire

*via Decorology

*via Flickr – Repeatable Collection

I win!

I conquered this week’s clutter! A day later than planned, but still…yay, me! Okay – prepare yourself…here’s where it all started (don’t judge me!):

I know, right? That’s 7 years of “oh, just throw that in the hall closet.” I filled up 4 big trash bags, which did not include the 75 pounds of Yellow Pages we had on the top shelf. I don’t know why. They did NOT make the final cut.

Along the way, I did find some fun stuff that I had completely forgotten about or just hadn’t seen since we moved in those 7 years ago. I re-discovered some pretty stuff, too – mostly wedding presents (from 15 years ago) that I will never part with, but are not really being used. I do want to remedy that, especially for things like this:

I LOVE glass. Anything glass, really: vases, dishes, pitchers, bottles – anything fancy or funky or just whatever. I. Love. Glass. I had forgotten all about some cute little things I found years ago at an antique store, and I was very very happy to see them again!

See, more glass. The little beer mug is about an inch high, and I can rarely resist anything that can be classified as ‘wee’. So, a cute wee glass thing? I’ll take it.

Okay – NOW, get ready for THIS:

I KNOW! I showed both sides since the closet is fairly wide – the pic on the left makes it look SUPER awesome, and the pic on the right shows that there is more stuff in there than you thought…but it’s still minimal and organized! I will also say this: I have no idea why we have 4 boxes of plastic cutlery, but we do. Primarily, I think we always buy more when we have a party, without checking to see if we still have enough leftover from the last party. But NOW we know exactly how much we have! We won’t buy plastic utensils for years!!

And those bags in the bottom of the closet? Those are used up candles. I know. BUT I have, in the past, melted old candles down to make new candles…and there’s, like, a 52% chance that I will do that again! So now that the candles pieces-parts are in bags and nicely tucked away, who can it hurt to keep them??

I do have one small box of random stuff that Mr. and I need to go thru together, and I’ll probably pick up some dollar store baskets to store those random odds & ends, rather than have them rolling around on the shelves. All in all, though, I am proud of my first De-clutter Thursday venture! Next week’s de-clutter plan: a drawer. Definitely just a drawer.

Round 1 goes to Clutter

Alright. First lesson learned about De-Clutter Thursday: start early.

I did not start my de-cluttering until about 3:00 this afternoon…I made it about 1/4 of the way through and then threw in the towel. SO, De-Clutter Thursday this week will become “De-Clutter Thursday/Friday/and hopefully not also Saturday but who can say”.

My project this week is the downstairs hall closet [dramatic music] – this is the catch-all of anything and everything. I’ll save the ‘before’ picture until I have an ‘after’ pic to share as well…but for now, check out this cool stuff I forgot (or didn’t even know) that I had!

I’m keeping 2 out of these 3 things. 🙂

Clutter – 1; Leslie – 0.

Until tomorrow!