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DeClutter Thursday: I smell like a flower…or possibly a banana.

I always feel like I’m cheating when I do a quick-and-easy decluttering…BUT, if ya think about it, even the small spaces need to be decluttered…and at least it means that more clutter is being moved out…so I’m still awesome.

Today I did a quick declutter on my perfume/body lotion cabinet. I have a few fragrances I wear most often, but I do like to mix it up sometimes. So, I’ve built a collection over the years: scents that I only wear during winter, or during summer…or that I only wear when I’m feeling fancy or feeling nostalgic. I knew a lot of these bottles had been sitting in there for a while, un-used, so it was time.

I found a few bottles in the back where it looked like the lotion had…turned, I guess is the right word. So those went in the trash. I also had a few items that I remember were impulse buys, and then once I got home and wore them maybe once or twice, I fell out of love with the scent. So those went, too. I found that I had a few bottles of the same scent, in various levels of emptiness, so I combined those and got rid of a few bottles. Now I’m left with the stuff that I know is 1) still good…2) something I will wear…3) not in a bottle with a broken top and therefore leaking all over the bottom of the cabinet (it was like a gardenia-scented silly putty). That leaves:

Easy to reach, easy to remember what I have in there, and therefore easy to smell like a flower…or a banana. Mmmmmm.


DeClutter Thursday: the Crown Jewels

Ohhi! I took an easy route for decluttering today, but I did declutter, by golly. I decided to hit my jewelry drawer. I don’t wear much jewelry at all these days, but back in my go-to-the-office days, I did. I’m all about the costume jewelry (read “easy on my wallet”), and have just a few very precious pieces, like my wedding and 10th anniversary rings and other fancy stuff that Mister has given me over the years. Those precious pieces have very specific little boxes where they stay…and all the costume jewelry has just sort of been tossed around in this drawer for a few years. That gives us this:

I pulled everything out…just threw away any pieces that seemed hopelessly tangled…put aside pieces that I’ve never worn, or haven’t worn in years, or just don’t see myself wearing ever again…and then organized the stuff that I want to keep. I had a lot more little individual boxes in that drawer than I realized, so I was able to give everything that I’m keeping its own little nesting place. Ta da!

Of course, after I finished and was back in my office downloading the pics from my camera, I realized that I had totally neglected the little wooden chest I have on my dresser that has even more jewelry. SO, that will have to be a separate exercise –  but the bulk of my jewelry was in the drawer. Therefore, I still win this decluttering round. I’ve got my Goodwill pile of items, too, that we’ll drop off at some point:


Check out some really cute inspiration pics for other ways to store your jewelry:

*image via A Time For Everything

*image via Tipple & Snack on Etsy

I LOVE THIS ONE (above)!

*image via Design*Sponge

*image via Down and Out Chic

*image via Happy Day Vintage on Etsy

This one makes me want to find an old, cheap wood jewelry armoire and refurbish it! That may actually be a really smart beginner project for me. *wheels spinning*

DeClutter Thursday: …or is it?

As it turns out, my friends — it is not. You are witnessing possibly the world’s greatest tandem procrastination as Mister and I continue to ignore the laundry room. *bows* I was going to try and knock out a small drawer or something for this week…but, well, I didn’t. Here’s hoping to a more productive decluttering next week!

In the meantime, since you’re here — here’s some fun stuff I’ve found via Pinterest. Enjoy!

DeClutter Thursday: how big is this kitchen?

For such a non-large kitchen, it seems to have a ton of decluttering spots. I’m back in there this week, tackling the main cabinet for pots/pans and plastic containers. We actually cleaned this out about 2 years ago, so it’s not nearly as bad as it could have been…but we do kinda suck at keeping bottoms and lids together, and this is what happens:

Plus I think, along the way, we threw a bunch of stuff in there because we couldn’t fit it in other cabinets. Well, NOW, due to my ongoing decluttering efforts, I can move some of this stuff into its more appropriate cabinet. Hooray!

I also found a few items that could be thrown out, just old and kind of ‘ugh’ stuff, and I also threw out any plastic top or bottom that was missing its mate. With everything left, here’s what I had (before relocating stuff like those baking pans and the serving platters):

I know that folks – organized folks, that is – generally store their plastic stuff all stacked with the lids nearby, which does save a lot of room. BUT, knowing how terrible we are about being able to find matching tops and bottoms when they aren’t connected, I decided to just match up all the pairs and store them all cozy and lidded. That way, we should never have to go searching for half a pair…provided we always put these things away like we should. We’ll see how that goes.

Here’s the end result!

Lots of room left over if we need to add a few more large pieces on the bottom shelf…and it’s so nice to have all the pieces together on the top shelf. EASY!

As it turns out, I’m kind of a sucker for cute plastic stuff…so now I really want to replace all my containers with something so much cuter. Wouldn’t that brighten up the inside of the cabinet? It just makes good design sense, if ya think about it.

*image via Preserve Products

*images via Seltzer Studios

*image via Jody Dailey

I love that last picture! Reminds me of when I was a wee child and Tupperware parties were THE RAGE!!! /nostalgia

DeClutter Thursday: phoning it in.

Hm, look at that. Thursday already. I had plans to declutter my main pots-and-pans kitchen cabinet…but I’m still adjusting to being back in an 8-5 job, AND Mister has been home sick, which throws off my routine altogether. So, we’ll still talk about decluttering this week…we just won’t actually do any.

*image via Debra Bafia on Pinterest

Thinking about my soon-to-be-decluttered-I-promise kitchen cabinet, I did just a little searching for cool storage ideas.

*image via Design Sponge

I like the thought of having a wall-hanging rack rather than a ceiling-hanging rack. Plus, I LOVE the chalkboard wall. I vow to have a chalkboard wall in my house. SOME DAY.

*image via

This would be handy, although I don’t really have that many pots and pans…I have more plastic containers than anything else, and those get unruly. UNRULY.

I looked for some pics of great ways to store plastic containers, but couldn’t really find anything exciting. I did, however, somehow manage to stumble across this image, and this built-in hammock wins the internet today. Well done!!

*image via Pan-Dan

DeClutter Thursday

A quick decluttering this week – the kitchen cabinet where I keep random baking pans and stuff. I’d be willing to bet at least half of you have a similar cabinet! Here’s what mine looked like:

Any time I had to open it, I also had to be prepared to catch the topple of pans before all those in the front slid right out. Today, I pulled everything out and tried to group things: large square/rectangular pans together….loaf pans together…multiples pans (like cupcakes) together…etc. I also then realized that I had a whole bunch of random pot lids, as well as a few very small pots, in there that I didn’t even know I had. SO, since clearly I’ve been able to live without them so far, I went ahead and added them to my pile of kitchen stuff that needs to go to Goodwill.

I added those two teapots to the Goodwill pile, too. They’re perfectly nice…but I haven’t used them even once since I got them as wedding gifts 15 years ago. I also threw out a few cake pans that were just really dented or too rusty or just kind of bleh in general. Here’s what made the cut:

Yay! Now I don’t have to worry about an avalanche when I go into this cabinet, AND I have a clearer picture of what baking pans I do have in my possession. I swear I didn’t know I had TWO 9×12 pans…and now I need new cake pans. IT SHALL BE.

DeClutter Thursday: The Dreaded Laundry Room

Hi! I’m kind of cheating again this week. But only kind of. Here’s the situation: after 4 months of being on severance (best vacation EVER), I’m returning as a contractor to my former employer, as of this coming Monday. So, yesterday and today, I was in the office getting my laptop set up and getting access straightened out, yada yada…as well as taking the opportunity to swoop around the building to visit all my former co-worker pals. (Hi, guys!) SO – my decluttering time was cut short. Swear.

Here’s what I’ve done, though – I started working on the laundry room. This, my friends, is SERIOUS BUSINESS. My laundry room is a disaster – it’s actually a bedroom that was converted, which means it’s a really nice size. Which, therefore, means there’s room for us to throw all sorts of crap in there. And we are not ones to waste such an opportunity.

See? We did buy cabinets a few years ago, and you see that some of them have actually been assembled…but there are still a few that have not…and at this point, honestly, I really don’t like those cabinets and wish we had gone a different direction. Oh well. Mister and I will be chipping away at the laundry room over the next few weekends – I have cleared up most of that pile o’ stuff that was in the middle of the room….but that’s all so far. I won’t post “after” pics until it’s all done, at least as far as the actual decluttering goes…so this is to be continued!

But first, some inspiration!

*image via Bolig Pluss

*image via Great Interior Design

*image via Better Homes and Gardens

*image via House To Home