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DeClutter Thursday

Ohhi! It’s that time again – I have been decluttering. Please note that I am totally hitting all the easy clutter spots right now and saving the whoppers for later…but the day will come. Oh yes, the day will come.

But today, it’s the bathroom medicine cabinet! Easy. Not that it wasn’t messy, but it’s a small enough space that it couldn’t have been too overwhelming…not that I’m, like, challenging anyone about that, but you know.

Okay, a little scary. I blame Sephora for my plethora of random samples that keep popping up in my decluttering…but it’s like they force you to select three samples with each order. I don’t want to be rude. Either way, I threw out (most of) the samples…any skin/makeup products that I haven’t touched in the past month or so…scrubbed the cabinet down…repositioned the shelves a bit..and ta da!

I was able to get the tall items off the top of the cabinet and actually into it, which is better. Hopefully I have everything in a pretty logical order for easy access…and let’s be honest, 2/3 of the stuff is mine. The stuff belonging to Mr. is pretty much just what you see in the left section. He can rearrange as needed.

Alright, that’s one more space conquered! [flexes] Speaking of challenges, though: I hereby challenge all my readers to snap a pic of your medicine cabinet as it looks THIS VERY MINUTE and send it to me. If you decide to declutter it, too, then send me the after pic as well. I’ll post any fun ones that I get – and anonymity can be maintained if you’d like. 😉 Send pics to – yay!