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Musical Monday: (Helen) Hell On wheels

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Musical Monday: a whiter shade of pale

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Musical Monday: Alone again, naturally.

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needs more practice.

I mentioned the other day that I may or may not have made some awesome cupcakes recently. As it turns out, I did make cupcakes. Were they awesome? Eh.

I really don’t make a lot of cupcakes, and never really have. Don’t know why — I certainly enjoy cupcakes. I think maybe because I suck at frosting things, so it’s an automatic mental block when considering recipes. Either way, I decided I need to start honing my cupcake skills. I’m a honer. 

I found this recipe at Annie’s Eats. It’s for Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes. There are many things in that title that I support fully.

I’ll tell ya, these took me a total of about 4.5 hours to finish. There are several components to it: the cupcake batter, the filling, and then the frosting. PLUS, I had to search for my muffin pan for like 30 minutes. Totally couldn’t find it. Looked in EVERY kitchen cabinet…all the downstairs closets…the laundry room…the drawers in the guest room furniture. I even texted Meghan to see if she remembered me doing anything weird with the pan after we used it at Christmas. She did not. Then I got Mister to look behind me…and in all fairness, he didn’t see it the first time he looked in the specific “baking pans go here” cabinet…but on second review, ta da. That’s also the very first cabinet I searched. Apparently it’s a much deeper cabinet than I realized.

I also apparently have only one muffin pan, for 12, and the recipe makes 24 cupcakes. So I had to bake twice.

You know what I like best about brown sugar? How well it molds. It’s like building sand castles…sorta.

The filling is made with sweetened condensed milk. Therefore, it is SWEET. Like really.

This was my first experience, as well, with filled cupcakes. So I had to cut out the middles, all cone-shaped and whatnot – 

–and I wondered what the protocol is for those cupcake middles. What do people generally do with those? I mean, I ate several, and Mister had one…and I picked the chocolate chips  out of a few so the dogs could have little mini cupcakes. Then I threw the rest away. Seems wasteful.

Now here’s where I got kinda dumb. I had it in my head that I was going to pipe the frosting on these bad boys…even with the knowledge that I have no piping bags or tips. I used to have piping tips…and I still have the box that the set came in…but the tips seem to have disappeared. So I decided to just use a freezer bag, snip off the tiniest little corner, and wing it. I know that can be successful. Can’t say that it was successful at this time.

Well, those are just sloppy blobs of frosting right there. I swear it really was the tiniest little corner that I snipped off the bag…but this is what happened. I clearly didn’t do a great job of controlling the icing — it owned me. Plus I ran out of frosting with about 4 cupcakes still to go. I SHOULD have just accepted defeat and recovered by just swooshing the frosting on with a spatula…but by this time, I was tired of these cupcakes. So, done!

As tends to happen with me, these weren’t very pretty, but they were quite tasty. Like I said, REALLY sweet, at least the filling and frosting…but a nice snack. The bulk of them went to Mister’s office, and they were all eaten. That’s gotta count for something.

Check out the full recipe over at Annie’s Eats!


Hi there, to the four of you who still check here for updates. 🙂 I have no great excuse or reason for not updating in so long. I haven’t been especially busy…I haven’t been out of town…I’ve pretty much just been here like same old, same old. What can ya do?

I can tell you some of the stuff I’m sort of getting up to, as I try to get back in the habit of posting on a regular basis. I have been baking more — but not documenting any of it — until the other day, when I made some awesome cupcakes. OR DID I? I’ll share soon enough. 🙂

Mister and I have also been making plans for some house renovation; specifically we want to re-do the kitchen and both bathrooms. When I say “making plans”, of course, I mean “talking about it a lot without actually taking any real action or making any real progress”. We’ve got some summer parties coming up in July, so renovations will need to wait until after…so we’ll continue talking and thinking and stuff.

Speaking of parties, we do have the July 4th party just around the corner, so I’ve been making plans and preparations for that. ALSO, I turn 40 – FORTY – at the end of July, and I’m already working on plans for that party, too. The last big birthday party I had was for my 30th – we made it like a kids’ party with cotton candy, snow cones, a popcorn machine, AND A BOUNCY HOUSE. Really. As awesome as that was, I learned that 30-somethings just can’t handle the bouncy house, at least not for more than approximately 4 minutes at a time. So this year, I wanna go big, but I also wanna go less aerobically intensive. It’s just smart thinking.

I’ve got more random bits of info to share, and I’ll try to do that over the next few weeks, if you wanna stick around. 🙂 I did (finally) manage a Musical Monday yesterday, so I hope you saw that.

Talk soon! ♥

Musical Monday: The Doors.

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Musical Monday: I scream, you scream.

Mister and I went to see Van Halen in Greensboro, NC this weekend…so I’m bringing you a little twist on Musical Monday. Oh, and mmmmmmm ice cream.

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