Ohhi. 🙂

So, I took my hiatus…and I didn’t think too much about the blog, really. The conclusion to all that non-thinking is as follows: I’mma keep doing pretty much what I was already doing. Ta da! I do hope to get back into my groove with projects…but I haven’t yet. I’ll probably keep sharing pretty pics with you, too…so I hope that’s cool. I’ll also share my house stuff and things I do around here, whenever I happen to do any. I definitely want to keep posting Musical Mondays, just because they’re fun…so I’m gonna do that. Otherwise, I’m going to try to stop overthinking it and just post what makes me happy, when I have time. Cool? K. ♥

p.s. Thanks to everyone who’s been checking in during my downtime. It was great to see the traffic stay steady. Thank you!

With that said — let Musical Monday begin.

*image via New York Social Diary

*image via From the Right Bank

*image via Girl Whimsy

*image via The Decorista

*image via House To Home

*image via Little Green Notebook

*image via Mother Nature Inspired

*image via Living Laduree

*image via This Is Glamorous

*image via BHG

*image via Escapade

*image via Haute Design


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