I’ve lost my motivation. I can always find pretty pictures to post here, and I do enjoy looking at pretty pictures…but I know that I intended this blog to be more than that. I seem to have lost my project motivation…and my creativity…and my drive to spend the necessary time to put together an in-depth and purposeful blog post. I couldn’t say why I’ve lost these things, but I have. In fact, I have two projects in varying degrees of completion…and it’s like my brain has just chosen to forget they exist. Weird.

I know this is common – everyone loses motivation and direction. This is generally when I abandon it all and move on to a new thing…but I’m gonna try NOT to do that this time. I’m gonna try to remember exactly what I just stated — this happens to EVERYONE — and it doesn’t automatically mean THE END. I need to step back…maybe re-evaluate what I want to do  here…maybe not. Either way, I’m not giving up…just searching for my mojo. Hope you’ll stick around until I find it! ♥


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