Look what else we made: truffles this way and that, part 2.

Hi! Truffles! Chocolate chip cookie dough! Dark chocolate!! GO!

I found these at Love and Olive Oil and they’re really easy. It’s a matter of mixing everything up – just basic cookie stuff (but no eggs!) and throwing in some mini chocolate chips:

Let the dough chill in the refrigerator for a while, to make for easier rolling. Then, you know…roll.

This recipes yields a TON of truffles — unlike the Sugar Cookie Truffle recipe – I lost count, but I know we filled an entire cookie sheet, and about half of another. I also ended up with this little guy:

Kinda spooky.

Once you’re all rolled out, let the dough set up in the freezer for a bit before you start dipping. We just used dark chocolate chips, as opposed to baking squares or candy coating, and melted them slowly in the microwave. Then it was time for the fork dipping method, because we’re fancy:

…and we just placed them right back on to the wax paper. I suspect that we didn’t do nearly enough tapping off the excess in the beginning, so we were scraping the bowl to coat the last group. We still got them coated, but they weren’t quite as pretty. Here are some well-coated ones:

..and then some that we dipped at the end:

Very different in appearance, but still just as yummy. And ohmygoodness SO YUM. Meghan and I both test-tasted at the same time, and it was like *bite*…pause…*wide-eyed glances at each other*…pause…*nomnomnomnom*. These are super rich, so just one is plenty…I mean just one at a time…but another, like, 20 minutes later. And repeat. 

My cross-section pic is a bit blurry, sorry…sugar jitters.

Be sure to let the chocolate chill until set before packaging these…and keep them refrigerated afterward!

Get the full recipe at Love and Olive Oil!


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