Look what else we made: truffles this way and that, part 1.

More holiday baking for you today. This was the first year that we tried some truffles…well, back in the day when I would bake for my team at work, I would make truffles…but these were the first for me and Meghan, and were also the first cookie dough truffles I’ve tried. Highly recommended.

We made two kinds…let’s start with the Sugar Cookie Truffles that I found on Munchkin Munchies. Mmmmmmmm.

I picked up a tube of refrigerated cookie dough for the sugar cookies — I considered making some from scratch, but this is really so much easier. I baked them ahead of time, by a day or 2, so that they were all ready to go when Meghan and I got to work. I pulled out my handy-dandy food processor that I only use, like, twice a year…spent my standard 15 minutes trying to remember how it all goes together…and then just broke up the cookies and dumped them in there.

It only took a few whirs to get the cookies nice and crumbled —

…and then you add a little bit of cream cheese and it starts getting kind of sticky and squishy:

If you want to let the dough firm up a little, you can stick it in the fridge for 30 minutes or so to let it firm up. What you may not want to do is forget about it and leave it in there for, say…3-4 hours. Just a suggestion for what not to do. IF that should happen, then you’re gonna need to let it sit out for a while so that it isn’t hard like brick. So I’m told.

Anyway…once it’s firm but still workable, just start rolling it into little truffle balls. The texture on these was kinda weird and grainy…like a sugar scrub…and they were a little challenging sometimes to hold their shape. But we got them all rolled — not that the recipe really yielded that many. We were surprised.

After they’re rolled, let them firm up again for just a little while in the fridge while you get your chocolate ready for dipping. It’s super easy – just melt the white chocolate (or almond bark) and shortening together in the microwave, in  short bursts, and be sure to use a glass bowl! We just used forks to dip them in the melted chocolate and then placed them back on the wax paper…and we learned that the chocolate cools quickly, so you gotta sprinkle fast!

We stuck these back in the refrigerator for a few hours just to be sure the chocolate was all set before we put them in their container. And, of course, you want to keep these in the refrigerator except when they are being actively eaten. They turned out really yummy…kind of light, pretty sweet, and a nice little pop of goodness.

Tada! I’ll share the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Truffles tomorrow(ish) — find the full recipe for these Sugar Cookie Truffles over at Munchkin Munchies!


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