Declutter revisited: Jan 6 2011 – Jan 5 2012

So, it was a year ago this week that I started my weekly decluttering projects for this blog. I got a lot of spaces decluttered over the first half of 2011, and I’m glad for that. I thought it would be good to revisit those spaces each week to 1) keep myself on task to be sure the clutter doesn’t creep back in, and 2) toot my own horn when applicable, since I am a well-known horn tooter.

My first decluttering project last year was my hall closet that had been my catch-all of randomness for 7 years. Here’s how that started:

…and here’s how it finished:

Now, let’s fast-forward — here’s that same closet today:

Well…it’s still better than it was before the decluttering…but I guess it is getting a little cluttered again. It may be time to do a quick sort and throw out anything that isn’t critical to…well, I guess just anything that’s not critical in general.

No horn tooting just yet.


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