The one where I show you my decking.

So, I figured that it was only appropriate for me to share my own Christmas deco since I’ve been bombarding you all with so many images of other people’s decorating. I’ll add the disclaimer that I think my own decorating is woefully sparse and ordinary compared to all the other festive stuff I’ve been blogging, but hey – full disclosure or something, right? And really, I do enjoy my own decorations – the living room does feel very festive – and really, you can add sparkly lights to anything and it’s automatically 50x better.

Yep. There’s my tree. This pic was taken before I had wrapped any gifts…there’s a lot more going on underneath the tree now, but I didn’t feel like taking another pic. As far as the tree goes, I keep it pretty simple (read: boring) and stick to mostly to red and gold ornaments…some shiny, some matte. I do have a few fun ornaments sprinkled in that have been given to me as gifts…and since I have been posting all these other awesome ornaments and whatnot, I’m considering some after-Christmas shopping to stock up on some new stuff for next year. Like vintage stuff. We’ll see.

R is our last initial, btw…not, like, just some random letter that someone picked. In case that wasn’t clear. 🙂

Aside from the tree, I’ve really only got the fireplace decorated, since I do believe it’s a holiday requirement if you do indeed have a fireplace.

I picked up the wreath (up top, on the mirror) about 8 years ago, on super sale from Pottery Barn. It’s starting to show a little wear, but I still think it’s just precious. It’s all glittery.

Also, those are stockings for our dogs. Yep, we’re those people.

Also about 8 years or so ago, I hit a few Crate & Barrel sales and picked up the green ceramic trees – WHICH I LOVE – and the gold wire trees even longer ago than that. If I was gonna collect something Christmas-y, it would totally be trees.

I also got the cute little mini wreaths from Crate & Barrel, and they may be my favorite. ♥

So, that’s me! I’d love to see your decorating, if you wanna share – just send pics to me at!!


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