Look what I made: I swear this blog is not compensated by the makers of Rolo candies.

So, if you remember, my kitchen recently got super ultra cool and hip:

I did some baking this past weekend, which was actually planned before I even knew about the KitchenAid, and so Mister decided to go ahead and give it to me so I could use it. AND OH, I DID. I made more Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars (nomnom) AND tried a new recipe that coincidentally also uses Rolos. I made the Rolo snickerdoodles at Thanksgiving…now I’ve made Rolo brownies, and at Christmas I will make approximately 6.2 tons of Rolo turtles. I’ve only just now realized that I am keeping Rolos in business. You’re welcome.

So, about those Rolo brownies. I found this recipe for Rolo Brownie Bites at Bakers Royale, and bookmarked it for future occasions. We had Mister’s family over for dinner this weekend, and that seemed like just the right opportunity. It’s a pretty simple recipe – you mostly just mix everything in together and then, you know, bake it. Ta da! (This is why I don’t write recipe books.) First, though, you do beat the eggs nice and frothy before adding the rest. This was where I first got to see the KitchenAid in action. Go, mixer, go!

That was, like, 3 seconds of hardcore power. Or maybe 15 seconds…I really don’t know. Next the sugars get added and mixed all up…and here’s where the handy-dandy little shield/guard thing comes in…well, handy.

It’s cool because it has a little chute where you can pour stuff…and the guard does help with splatters. This thing has serious speed, and I may have learned the hard way that without the guard, you just end up with little flecks of everything all over everywhere. So we use the guard.

After the sugars, everything else goes it. Here’s an in-progress chute view:

…although I did find it easier to just pull the guard off while I dumped in most of the stuff, then just replace it when I was ready to mix. It just lifts off, so it’s no big deal.

Lots of cocoa in these brownies, so they’re super rich. Nom.

There are 2 main things I learned about a KitchenAid mixer:

  • Since the bowl doesn’t spin, because the beater goes all around and whatnot, then it’s harder (or impossible) to scrape the sides down as you’re mixing. I have used Sunbeam mixers all my life – and they’re really great mixers, absolutely – and they have a spinning bowl. So my habit is to scrape as it spins…so this is an adjustment. Not an obstacle, just something new.
  • The KitchenAid beater is harder to lick than a traditional beater. Harder, but not impossible. NOT AT ALL.

Once it’s all mixed up, just pour it in your pan. Bakers Royale used an actual brownie bite pan, which is super cute, but I don’t have one of those. So I used my mini-muffin pans, and I think they work just as well. I dropped about 1 TBSP of batter in each cup, then went back and pressed Rolos in the centers. In case that wasn’t clear.

I baked these for 15 minutes exactly. In hindsight, the Rolos may not have been quite as melted as they should be, and the brownies were a little squishy on the bottoms…so I could probably have gone another 2-3 minutes. I was also hoping the Rolos would be swallowed up when the brownies baked…but that didn’t happen. 

After they cool for a little, you can dip them in ganache…or spoon the ganache over them, whichever. One batch of ganache, per the recipe, did not cover all 48 of my brownies, so I whipped up a second batch. The first ganache I did per the instructions, as far as melting over simmering water…which is slow. The second ganache I just melted in the microwave, using a glass bowl and just hitting it 20 seconds at a time, stirring after each burst. I didn’t really notice any difference between the two ganaches, so I think you could really go either way.

I dipped my cupcakes — and the Rolo didn’t get covered on most of them since it was indented in the cupcake, but who’s it gonna hurt? I bought some caramel sauce and just drizzled/poured that all over…not very artsy-like, I’ll admit. 

I tried to cut this first brownie in half so you could see the nice gooey Rolo in the middle…but the entire Rolo just came out on my knife. So that didn’t work.

I tried again a little bit later, and it went better with the second one. Mmmmm, Rolo gooey goodness.

These are tiny little brownies, but ohmygoodness so rich! Even so tiny, just one is plenty! Mister’s family declared them a success…and half of them were sent to Mister’s office, where I’m told they were well-received. Yay!

Get the full recipe at BakersRoyale!


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