Did you see this? Dec 2 2011

A weekly post where I share cool things I came across this week that I would totally make you look at if you were here. ♥

I do believe this guy needs to be mine. At Mullanium By Jim and Tori.

What the folk art? OMG I love these! By Thomas Shelton at What The Folk Art.com.

I don’t necessarily condone the stuffing of lions, but how awesome is this as decor? At Yatzer.

Sometimes it really is the simple things. At Remodelista.

I never had a playhouse when I was a kid. I should totally make up for that with one of these. At Dornob.

THIS is amazing. That’s all I have to say about that. At Poppytalk.

Yarn graffiti!?! Genius! At Handsome Things.

I’m not a big fan of meringues, but ohmygoodness so cute! At Bakers Royale.

Edible shotglasses!! On sticks!! At Luxirare.

Happy weekend! ♥


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