Look what I made: the one where it all worked out.

As mentioned previously, I was on task for making desserts for Thanksgiving. I selected two recipes that seemed both yummy and uncomplicated – my general requirements for baking projects. First, I made Caramel-filled Snickerdoodles!

OH. MY. GOODNESS. These are SOSOSOSOSOSOSO yum! I would like to have these to eat every single day.

I’m proud of myself for following directions again, and mixing my dry ingredients separately and all that jazz. It’s pretty basic stuff – flour, sugar, butter, yada yada…and cream of tartar, whatever that really is.

Although I did everything per the recipe, at this point I ended up with a dough that looked more like couscous than actual cookie dough. I don’t know why.

Luckily, once I started kinda smushing it around, it formed up nicely so that I could roll the cookies. Smushing is almost always the solution.

I had a little station going: scoop the dough, roll it, then break it in half and add the Rolo, then roll it all together again, and roll it in the cinnamon and sugar. Repeat. This part was kind of tedious, but SO WORTH IT.

I baked these for 10 minutes — I probably could have done 9, but 10 was fine. They came out all puffy and cracked…that’s not usually a desirable combo, but in this case, it was. Mmmm, puffy and cracked!

We had to let them cool a bit, since that Rolo is like lava at first. But after a few minutes, WE HAD GOOEY AMAZING YUMMINESS OMG.

My mom was in town, so I asked her and Mister to let me document them as they tasted the cookies for the first time. This is how that went:

I caption these pics as “oh my goodness, these are the best cookies in the history of the world“. *bows* They were a huge hit at Thanksgiving dinner with the whole family…and apparently the leftovers made their way around, since I was informed today that a friend who wasn’t at dinner has deemed these cookies “the bomb”. Yay me!

Be sure to jump over to The Baker Chick for the full recipe!

Tune in tomorrow(ish) to see how I kicked some Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars’ asses, as well.


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