So, remember my never-ending quest for a living room rug?





Yay! A few things happened that led me to this happy day. 1) I finally, you know, actually measured the space. I don’t know what it is about me and measuring – or not measuring, really. Anyway, I had always assumed that I would need an 8×10 rug – it’s a fairly big living room. I could certainly fit an 8×10 in there, but I realized (when I finally measured) that I could totally get away with 5×7 or 6×8 for the seating area. 2) Smaller rugs are cheaper rugs. 3) Pottery Barn had reduced all their rugs so the price wasn’t quite as scary on a 5×8 rug as on the 8x10s I had been eyeing all along. This is the Daphne Persian-style Rug and it was $379 at the time I purchased it. I see that they’ve raised the price back to the regular $429 now – which still isn’t horrible for a nice rug.

I’m still worried about this factor:

…but so far, so good. I have spot cleaner ready to go, and she really isn’t one to chew/tear things (knock on wood). I was so nervous, though, even putting the rug out — it was delivered last Thursday, and stayed in the plastic packaging until Saturday. It can’t get damaged while it’s still in the plastic, right? When I finally opened it on Saturday, I swear my heart was beating like crazy, because it was suddenly like a COMMITMENT – and then I was eyeing Janie very suspiciously all day, whenever she was in the living room. TRUST NO ONE.

Anyway, I’m very happy with my purchase. I think it works really well in the room, and it does make it feel a little cozier in there, and I am for that. To recap, we went from here:

to here:



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