Out and about: Homearama!

Homearama Fall 2011 just wrapped up at the end of October here in Hampton Roads. If you’re not familiar, Homearama is a big home and garden showcase where new construction houses are all dressed up and shown off. In this area, Homearama has been around since (I think) the early eighties. I used to go faithfully every year because there are few things in this world that I enjoy more than walking through other people’s houses (keep those doors locked, folks), but in recent years, it’s just sort of slipped off my radar. In fact, they’ve started holding Spring Homearama, too, and I’ve never gone to any of those. Anyway, my friend Deb and I did make it to this year’s Homearama, which you can read more about here, and it was really nice. 

I really liked that there were only 9 houses this year. Back in the day, it was pretty standard to have 15-20 houses open — and that’s just too many. Also back in the day, the houses tended to be these giant cavernous structures…gorgeous and amazing, yes, but SO unrealistic for your average Joe. This year’s houses were definitely large, but still cozy…and they were certainly pricey, but they felt like they could be home, as long as you ignored the price tag.

I also loved the coastal and cottagey feel to all the houses. Some were pretty modern inside, but outside was nice and casual and lovely.

Here’s where I apologize for my pics – these were all taken with my phone. I didn’t take my real camera because I didn’t want to be the girl holding everyone up while I tried to get my camera settings adjusted and whatnot. It wasn’t packed when we went, but there was a steady stream of folks in each house, so I was a hasty picture taker. Here are some things that caught my eye:

Great ceilings – we saw several really pretty and detailed ceilings. I loved this one, which was in a casual media room. Such a nice architectural touch.

Outdoor spaces – Homearama has always had amazing landscaping and amazing pools and gorgeous outdoor kitchens and on and on and on. This year had some beautiful spots, and my favorite was this second floor covered balcony. It was really cute, set off the upstairs central landing . I loved the gauzy curtains!

Fun furniture – it was very refreshing to see a very eclectic mix of pieces throughout the houses. It wasn’t just contemporary or modern, it was vintage and distressed and funky and whimsical. Lots of great pieces that I would love to have for my own! 

Amazing built-ins – you know I love a built-in. One of the houses was sponsored by The Closet Factory, and there were built-ins by them EVERYWHERE. Seriously, you couldn’t find a corner or wall expanse that had not been claimed by The Closet Factory. They were all gorgeous, no doubt, but it was a bit of overkill. I did, however, really love the breakfast nook they set up in the kitchen – this is what I want my kitchen to look like!

Creative storage – all of the houses had amazing closet spaces in the master bedrooms, which has always been a Homearama tradition. Like, major whoa closets, bigger than my office…some bigger than my bedroom. Most of them were seriously tricked out with shelves and racks and jewelry trays and shoe racks and full length mirrors and kitchen sinks (that’s a joke). But I think that Deb and I were both most impressed by this one tiny little cabinet that we found in a master bathroom – girls, behold!


Amazing windows – all the houses had amazing windows throughout, and I really loved the little accent windows we saw in a lot of the more cottagey houses. My favorites were these in a master bedroom – lots of light without sacrificing privacy, and they made a great headboard!

Weathered woods – this made me happiest of all. I saw lots of weathered wood used throughout, and I support this! It really enhanced the coastal vibe, and I just always always always love weathered wood in furniture. ♥



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