Side note: lesson learned and a sneak peek (oh my).

Hi! So, remember a few weeks ago when I made the little lumps of dough with sugar on top, and I was all puzzled about what went wrong? Well, the next weekend, I tried to make a chocolate cola cake, and it came out all dense and stuff. What the – ? I mean, it didn’t taste bad, but it really couldn’t be classified as cake…so I sent it off to Mister’s office, where I’m told they enjoyed the chocolate fudge. They don’t need to know.

Anyway…when that happened, it was suggested that I check my baking powder’s expiration date…which seemed silly since I did that mass decluttering a few months ago and threw away everything that had expired…or did I??? [dramatic music] Answer: I did not. It turns out that my baking powder was a bit past its prime. I won’t tell you how far past…just know that you would be all “whaaa?? gurrrrlll” if you knew.

So – I bought new baking powder. Yay  me!! I made those cinnamon sugar donut muffins again, and OHMYGOODNESS they were so good! Light and fluffy and scrumptious! Lesson learned: eventually, baking powder gives up. (Feel free to quote me on that.) I took pics to show you…but they were all blurry…which I didn’t realize until the muffins were long gone. So imagine something like the first time, but way way better. \o/

Also, I do have another project in-progress, but it’s taking longer than my first table did. At this point I’m just waiting on supplies that I’ve ordered, and then I should be able to wrap it up quickly. Here’s the teaser for where I started:

Ooooohhhhhhh. Right? More soon, hopefully!

And, just because this post has been very light on pics, I leave you with this:


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