Inspiration Files: Lounging

I suspect this may be perceived as a bit cliche by some…but I really have always loved a chaise longue (lounge)…or recamier…or meridienne…any form of what you might call a fainting couch. There’s something very glamorous about a chaise, even those that are more shabby or primitive in design. I suppose it could be due to the images it conjures of fancy ladies lounging about, eating chocolates and cooling themselves with feathered fans, whilst wearing elegant silk gowns. Right? Is it just me?

*image via VT Interiors 

*image via French Eclectic on Etsy 

*image via Nook 

*image via An Indian Summer 

*image via The Simply Luxurious Life 

*image via William Waldron 

*image via The Enchanted Home 

*image via Architectural Digest 

*image via homelife 

*image via Centsational Girl 

*image via Layla Grace


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