Side note.

Remember my never-ending quest for a living room rug? Well, there is no end in sight, and here’s why:

That’s Janie. She’s new. 🙂 She came to live with us about 4 weeks ago, and she’s actually pretty good for still being a puppy. She’s more about hoarding things – like my t shirts and Mister’s socks – than destroying things, which I appreciate. Still, I think we need to wait a while before buying a rug, just in case a new rug is exactly what she’s been looking for to get started on her teenage phase of destruction. So – we wait.

We found Janie through my friend Molly who is very involved with dog rescues and fostering and finding homes for the dogs…all of which I think is so so so awesome. What is also so so so awesome (segue) is that Molly makes soaps. Handmade soaps! That’s on my to-do list!! And she’s doing it!! Her company is Salt Water Soap Company, based here in the Hampton Roads area of  Virginia. I got to check out her work room – which was probably the neatest, tidiest workroom in the history of ever – and she showed me all her cool soap tools and talked me through the basic process. I still haven’t tried it myself, but I will. OH I WILL.

She also sent me home with a bar or two…part of her quest to get me hooked, which I respect. I came home with a bar of Frangipani and a bar of Lemon Verbena, both so delicious to my nose!

I love the packaging she uses!! Molly has about a dozen fragrances, I think, all wonderful and natural. There’s an Etsy shop with just a few fragrances available, and if you’re a local reader, Molly is participating in lots of festivals and fairs and whatnot this fall. She’ll be at the Waterways Heritage Festival this weekend, at  Great Bridge Lock Park – you should stop by!

Follow Salt Water Soap Co on Facebook, too!


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