Before & After: Framed.

Remember this lovely framed picture I picked up from Goodwill a few weeks ago?

I did stuff to it!

I started with a base coat of Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in Old White, just to get rid of that awful beigey tan.

Then I broke out my as-yet-untouched chalk paint – Antibes Green. [dramatic music]

That is really green, and I love it! I decided, though, that I wanted to tone it down a bit for this project. I mixed some Antibes Green with some Old White to soften it…and, well, I really just ended up with mint green. I should have seen that coming. I went ahead with it, though, figuring I could then darken it with wax. Always thinking – that’s me(ish)!

I really love that little bead detail, or whatever we would call it. Anyway, I just did a light coat of the green, allowing the white to show through in spots, followed by a coat of clear wax. After the green paint and wax were dry, I grabbed my sandpaper and just started roughing up the frame. I tried to get into the little crevices between the beads where I could, and sanded the corners and both the inside and outside edges — just kept going until I felt like stopping. Scientific, that’s also me(ish). Then it was time for the dark wax! This time, I applied the dark wax with a cloth, rather than a brush…not for any specific reason. I think maybe I just felt like I could control it a bit better with the cloth. After the dark wax dried, I went back with a damp cloth and more clear wax to clean up any spots that felt too dark, and also to give the frame a final coat of shine.

This is what that got me:

I like it! It’s rough-and-tumble and not so minty as it started. I hung it on the wall for a few days just so I could decide if I was done with it or not — I had thought I might add another dry-brush coat of the true Antibes Green…but I decided I didn’t need it. I don’t intend to leave it on the wall, though, at least not as-is. I’m considering a few options for what could go in the frame…or I might decide to leave it empty and propped up somewhere. That’s all still to be determined. For now, though, yay me for a second finished project that doesn’t totally suck!! Go, Team Me!!


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