Window shopping: measuring up.

When I bake and then blog it here, I realize how boring and generic my measuring cups and whatnot are. I want cute and whimsical and fun!

*from the top: Owl Measuring Spoon – set of 4 – $19.00 (Urban Outfitters) / Primary Confection Measuring Spoons – $14.00 (Anthropologie) / Extra Ingredients Measuring Spoons – $18.00 (Anthropologie)

*from the top: Sea Measuring Cups – $19.00 (West Elm) / Owl Measuring Cups – $19.00 (West Elm) / Austin’s Flora Measuring Cups – $28.00 (Anthropologie) / Add-Plenty-Of-Flowers Measuring Cups – $38.00 (Anthropologie)


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