Look what I made: Lumps of dough with sugar on top

I was in a baking mood this weekend, but then changed my mind on what I was gonna make. I thought I would do something chocolatey…but then it seemed like more work than I was interested in doing…so I switched it up and went simple. Enter this recipe from Sweet Pea’s Kitchen: Cinnamon Sugar Doughnut Muffins. Yes, please.

It’s pretty basic – throw some dry stuff together, mix some wet stuff together. I followed the rules and mixed wet and dry separately (I’m such a grown up):

The recipe calls for a tiny bit of nutmeg, and an even tinier bit of cinnamon…I went a little heavier on both, but I had already whisked it all in with my flour and sugar before the picture above, and I honestly don’t really think it made much difference. Next step is to mix wet and dry together and whisk it up all nice and stuff…but not TOO much…just enough to combine it. There’s a chance I went wrong here. [FORESHADOWING]

The batter seemed tasty enough…not, like, a taste explosion or anything, but pleasant. I glopped it all into my muffin pan that never gets used, and into the oven they went.

They baked for about 24 minutes, I think, and when I inserted a toothpick into one to check if done, absolutely nothing came out on it. So they were done. Possibly too done. [FORESHADOWING]

After they come out of the oven, you’ve got to immediately move to the next step, which is to dip the tops in melted butter and then in the sugar & cinnamon mix. This step definitely makes them look more appealing…and let’s be honest, it’s fun.

I got all 12 dipped and sugared, with just one mishap where the entire muffin ended up in the butter.  Then it was time for the taste test…

…and they were just okay. They came out really heavy and doughy, which I wasn’t expecting. The cinnamon and sugar on top certainly helped, but overall there just wasn’t much of a flavor. Now, I absolutely do not think this is a bad recipe — I think that I just jacked it up somehow. Maybe upping the amount of nutmeg and cinnamon actually threw off the flavor balance…maybe I mixed the batter too much and that toughened it up…maybe I cooked them a few minutes too long. Who can say? They did get eaten – they didn’t taste bad or anything, they just weren’t very exciting. I think I would try them again in future, with some lessons learned from this attempt. But for today, it’s Baking – 1, me – 0.


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