Treasures: just around the corner

I needed to run out this past weekend for one specific item – which I’ll (hopefully) be sharing with you soon – so I stopped at the Goodwill store just around the corner from me. It’s a small store, with just a tiny area devoted to furniture and decor items. I did some digging around, though, and found a few treasures. Behold!

Right?!? Here’s what I got:

  • the large picture that looks like bad motel wall art from 1982 was $8.25. I think that frame could be awesome with some paint or whatnot – I like that it’s so deep and I enjoy the little beading detail around the edges. I do not plan to keep the art.
  • the little mirror was $3.25 – I just like the detail on that frame, too. It’s a heavy plastic, but could totally be painted and glammed up a little.
  • the little candle stand that looks like something from the camp in the original Parent Trap (that’s the best one) was just $2.25. It’s got a great shape to it and it’s wood — just needs a new paint job!

Look for updates on these treasures, sometime before…like, 2013. Exciting!

There’s also a Big Lots store in the same shopping center as the Goodwill, so I ran in there, too. It’s definitely not a high-end shop, as Big Lots go, but I wanted to check out what sort of home decor items they had. They had a lot of fairly cute little vases and wall plaques and candle stands…stuff like that…but nothing amazing, or anything slightly amazing but really cheap. So I kept moving. I did, however, find a great selection of throw pillows for pretty cheap, and that made me happy. I absolutely balk at paying $25-$60 for pillows, which seems to be the price range I find most often…so pillows from $9 to $15 sounded pretty good to me!

The light tan pillow in the top pic is actually one I already had…well, I have two of them. Then I found the dark brown pillow and the oblong light tan pillow that matched what I already had – SOLD! The blue pillows are new, too, and I like how they pull out the blue in the patterned pillows, and mesh well with my grey slipcovers. I’m sort of waffling with my color scheme in the living room and hallway right now…I like the idea of blues, greys, and little splashes of red…sort of like in the patterned pillows…but I’m still working it out. Anyway, new soft pillows for me! And Max!

(Please excuse the grainy iPad quality photo, and focus on that handsome face instead.♥)

I also grabbed a cute little rag rug for the front door. I took a pic of it actually in position…and then realized how badly my front door needs painting, and was ashamed to show you. So imagine this:

…laying at my front door. I love the teal mixed with the brown. Just $5 at Big Lots!!


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