On the road: Thrift Store Heaven

Mister and I hit the road a few weekends ago with the intention of swinging by a few local Goodwill and Salvation Army stores, to see what we could see. I also wanted to check out the Habitat For Humanity thrift store – also called ReStore – mainly because I’d seen a lot of talk about it over on Young House Love. I think Habitat is an amazing organization, so I’m happy to support them, as well. We decided to hit the Habitat store first…and we never made it any farther!! This place was awesome! Filled with anything and everything you can think of – entire lengths of kitchen counter, full walls of cabinets…hardware and tools and random pieces of things…all kinds of chandeliers…tons of glass vases and other small decorative items…and so much large scale furniture! ♥ I totally didn’t take any pics of the store itself because I was just all “look at that! oh, look at that! ooh, look at this!” from the moment we walked in.

The reason we didn’t make it to any other stores is because we filled up the car (well, SUV) right here at the very first stop! Check out this cool stuff!

These are a little scratched up, but they’re a nice heavy wood, and they’re great little accent pieces. They were only $2.99 and $3.99! (Similar bowls at some of my favorite stores are $40 and up, so yay me.)

This was the first piece we saw, which was clearly marked at $29.99. 🙂 Let me say right now, before I go any further, that Mister did find everything we bought, except for the bowls. I will also say that he found these items because he moved through the store faster than I did, and therefore saw them first, but still, props to him for recognizing great stuff that I would love. 😉

Anyway…this cabinet is really big – it’s hard to tell in the pic, I think – and I think it would be so cute with a shabby, weathered paint job, and then perfect on the wall in our downstairs bathroom. Yay!

Just $19.99 for this table! This will be another painting project, and then we plan to use it on the back porch to house our outside stereo…we think. We’ll see how that works out, but for 20 bucks, we couldn’t leave it there!

And finally, my absolute favorite oh-my-goodness piece of the day! I lovelovelovelove this dresser – and it was only $49.99!!!! I have no idea what I’m going to do with it, but I’m so happy we found it! I go in the guest room every few days just to look at it and smile. True story.

We were so happy with all the cool stuff we found…and THEN we realized that it was 50% off the whole store that day! 50%!! We got all this awesome stuff for just over $50!!!!! ALL THRIFT STORE SHOPPING EXPERIENCES SHOULD GO LIKE THIS!

Be sure to check out your local Habitat thrift store, if you have one. For my local folks here in Hampton Roads – this was the store on Providence Road. They were super nice and helpful in there, too, so be sure to check it out!


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