Inspiration Files: Step by step

I’ve been dreaming up some lofty, yet specific, goals for my to-do list. Naturally, my first step in achieving those goals is to surf the interwebs. That’s how you’d do it, right?

Painted stairs. I love them. I have stairs. Someday I’d like to paint them.

These make me happy. ♥

*image via Art Mom’s Blog

I love the idea of using song lyrics – Stairway To Heaven seems the more obvious choice, but this is fun, too.

*image via The Cherry Blossom Girl

This messes with my head a little, but it’s really eye-catching.

*image via Design Milk

So sweet and pretty, and I believe hand-painted. Wow.

*image via Decor8

These are my absolute favorite of all time ever. EVER.

*image via Funky Junk Interiors

I enjoy the simplicity of these. It’s very soothing.

*image via Country Living

I like that stairs can be a blank canvas for anything. These are color names, which is cute. What about family members’ names? Almost like a family tree? That would be fun.

*image via Design*Sponge

I’ve got some ideas for my own stairs…I have to muster up the nerve to make at least one of them happen. It seems so MAJOR, doesn’t it? Painting stairs? But really, who’s it gonna hurt? More to come, hopefully!


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