Look what I made, like a month ago: Strawberry Summer Cake

Hi! How’s your summer going? Mine is zipping by – apparently – but I think I’m ready to get back to this blog and make things happen! Or something!

So I tried a new recipe several weeks ago – it’s a Strawberry Summer Cake that I saw over on Smitten Kitchen. It looked like a really simple recipe – and it was – and I love strawberries, so why not? The hardest part was just prepping the strawberries. I considered not actually hulling them, just capping and slicing them…but then I decided to play by the rules. So it took a while to get them all ready. THEN, when I started measuring out my dry ingredients, I found that I was 1/2 cup short on flour. Ugh. Well, it was really ugh because I should have been fine on flour – I had two unopened bags in the pantry, both well within the acceptable use period – but they BOTH had those insane little flour bugs all up in them! What are those bugs and how do they get in there?? Both of those bags had to be trashed, but luckily the flour that was in my tupperware container was fine, so I scraped bottom and came up 1/2 cup short, as mentioned. But after hulling those strawberries, no way was I gonna stop now. So I went ahead and hoped for the best.

Like I said, this is a pretty easy recipe, so I dumped everything in and mixed it up. The batter was really tasty, just FYI. After mixing everything together, you just pour it in your pan or pie plate…Smitten Kitchen has lots of advice for what sort of baking pan to use, and I had to go with what I have, which is a 9 inch cake pan. Pour it in there and then arrange the strawberries on top, cut side down, as close as you can get them. I had a few slices left over that I just didn’t think I could fit on there, but only a few. Sprinkle a ton of sugar on top and throw it in the oven!

As I watched it bake, I was a bit worried about overflow, but it never happened. However – I totally lost my strawberries. I mean, they were still in there, obviously, but they disappeared from sight, which isn’t really what was supposed to happen, at least according to the pics over on the original post.

I figured no big deal, though, and I was correct. This turned out really yummy, regardless of flour shortages and sunken berries. I kept it in the refrigerator for a few days, and I think it was even better chilled. It was a great evening snack with a cup of coffee. It’s not very sweet at all; it’s pretty light and the strawberries get all gooey and smushy, in a good way.

(Clearly, I was still using up our leftover July 4th plates at the time these pictures were taken.)

So good! Get the full recipe right here at Smitten Kitchen.


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