Look what I made: oh yes, more July 4th desserts

I made a lot of stuff for July 4th. This is the last of it. Swear.

One of the baking blogs I check regularly, Bakers Royale, has been doing a whole big series of popsicle recipes and ideas, and I decided popsicles would be so fun for the party. And they were! Everyone really enjoyed them, kids and adults…maybe because I had kid and adult versions. Something for everyone! I didn’t get many pics of these, and none of the process of putting them together, just because I was in such a rush to get everything done. What I learned about popsicles is that yes, they are fun…yes, people enjoy them…and yes, some of them are kind of a pain in the ass to make, especially when you have limited freezer space. Lesson learned.

For the kids, I had fudgesicles (OMG SO CHOCOLATEY), peaches and cream, and strawberry shortcake popsicles. For the adults, I had a bourbon version of the peaches and cream – which received rave reviews – and black cherry hard cider popsicles.

There’s probably a better way to serve these, but the bowls of ice did okay. I wish I had taken an “after” pic, about 2 hours later – it wasn’t pretty. There were a few popsicles that didn’t get snatched up, and they met quite the melty, watery end…by the end of the night, all I had were bowls full of slightly colored water with a few sad sticks floating around. Speaking of sticks, you’ll notice that I labeled them, and those with alcohol were marked with an A – just to be sure the 12 year olds didn’t end up tipsy.

Here are links to the recipes/instructions for each of these:

Strawberry Shortcake


Bourbon Peaches and Cream (same recipe for the non-bourbon version…just, you know, leave out the bourbon)

Black Cherry Hard Cider (easiest one ever! just pour and freeze! The linked recipe is actually for Strawberry Margarita…but I couldn’t find that flavor of the hard cider, so I improvised.)

When you jump over to Bakers Royale, be sure to check out the whole category of ‘Frozen Desserts, Ice Cream, Sorbet’ – there are SO MANY great recipes here!


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