DeClutter Thursday: Taking it outside

Today’s decluttering is a little different than usual, but a critical (and long overdue, of course) decluttering nonetheless. We have a pool…and a patio…and a porch. On the patio, we have chairs…those chairs have cushions. I don’t want to leave the cushions out all the time, of course – they are “outdoor” cushions, so they’d be okay, I suppose…but they’d just be really dirty and always soggy after a rain, yada yada. So I’ve always kept the cushions on the porch when they’re not actively being used…I’ve tried big storage bags, but they were really more of a hassle than a benefit…so ultimately, the cushions have just been tossed somewhere out of the way, like behind the porch furniture.

Not terribly cluttered, but not good, really. The vacuum and bikes aren’t great right there, either…well, the bikes aren’t too bad, but the vacuum needs to go somewhere else. It’s actually usually in our shed, all the way across the yard, or in the basement storage room, which isn’t easy to get into…but I wish I had somewhere closer and handier to keep it, but that’ll have to be a post for another day.

Anyway…I wanted to do something with those cushions. So I did. I hit up Lowes and Home Depot online and checked their options for something that we could put on the patio, up against the house – small enough that it wouldn’t be an obstruction, but big enough to house these cushions, and hopefully some pool toys and/or containers of pool chemicals…stuff like that. Enter the Suncast 2 ft. 6 in. x 4 ft. 8 in. Cedar and Resin Vertical Shed – hell yeah.

2.5 feet deep -perfect. A little over 6 feet tall – might cover the corner of a shutter, but that’s okay. And 4’8″ was just wide enough for the little space at the bottom of our porch steps. FYI – I measured the space several times to be sure this was a fit – I’m overly cautious when the purchase is over, like, $20.

Mister was, of course, tasked with putting the new shed together, so he tackled it this past Saturday morning. It took about 5 hours, I think…here he is celebrating in-progress victory:

That was before he tackled the roof part, which was, in Mister’s words, “@#$%^& poor design.” So, another hour or two after that, we had this:

Ta da!! It really is just the perfect depth so that it doesn’t stick out on the way to the porch steps. It’s big enough for Misters, or Maxes…

…or outdoor cushions.

I like it! It would be nice to add a little shelf towards the top, maybe use that for pool chemicals…and if I get really ambitious someday, maybe I’ll paint it white so it blends in a little better with the house. But for now, it’s just right, and it’s nice not having that jumble of cushions on the porch. I didn’t take an “after” pic of the porch, since it’s really just the same pic as above, minus cushions behind the chairs. I think you can work that out. 🙂


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