Look what I made: Desserts, part 1

Hi! I hope all of my US readers had a great holiday weekend…and I hope my non-US readers had a great weekend just in general. Mister and I had our annual pool party on Sunday – family and friends, tons of food, lots of splashing, all resulting in an exceptionally dirty kitchen floor and my porch looking a bit worse for wear. Clearly, it was a huge success. 🙂

I branched out for this year’s dessert, trying all new recipes from my vast list of favorites that I have bookmarked. Everything turned out pretty yummy, PLUS I now have things to blog about that are actually on my to-do list! Look at me go!

The easiest and most fun dessert I made were these Red, White, and Blue Chocolate Dipped Strawberries. I’ve seen these plastered across the interwebs, under various different names; I got the idea from Baking Bites, so we’ll go with their name.

So easy! So yummy! I used almond bark and pre-blue sanding sugar…I melted the almond bark in the microwave, in short bursts of 20 seconds or so, and I think it took about 90 seconds total. I was worried that the dipping from almond bark into sugar would be a big ol’ mess with, like, little clumps of melted bark left behind in the sugar. However, it totally didn’t work that way. It was like the melted bark just soaked up the sugar and the sugar immediately became one with the strawberry…or something poetic…and there was absolutely no melted bark left behind in the sugar. Yay! One thing that was a challenge, though, was making sure the strawberries were dry enough for the almond bark to coat them really well. I ended up individually drying each strawberry with a paper towel before I dipped it…so it took a little longer, but this was still such an easy dessert to make, with a great payoff, so I didn’t mind.

Final product, on my overloaded little dessert table:

I only had about 5 strawberries left after the party…and those were gone by the next afternoon. So delicious!

Be sure to jump over to Baking Bites for a more “written recipe” post.

I’ve got more desserts to share with you soon!


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