DeClutter Thursday: FDA-approved.

Hi! A quick decluttering today, but one that was long overdue (aren’t they all?). Our downstairs bathroom closet has been the unofficial medicine cabinet for years, which really just means that we throw any and all medicine in there once the need for said medicine has passed. And so:

I checked each item for an expiration date, and anything past its expiration, even if only a little bit, was thrown out. I also found some bubble bath stuff in there, like bath salts and whatnot, from the brief phase where I wanted to be one of those chicks who takes luxurious bubble baths. I think I took one. Either way, I decided to keep that stuff, just because…well, just because. You never know.

Anyway, speaking of dates, I knew I’d find some fun ones. I thought this would be my doozy:

…until I found this one:

…which was filled in my father-in-law’s name. What? I couldn’t even tell what the drug was since the label was so faded. Weird.

I also found this:

..which isn’t especially remarkable, except that it’s a memento from our Canada-trip-from-hell a few years ago. During this trip, Mister essentially vomited his way (you’re welcome!) from Niagara to Toronto, then we spent about 8 hours in a Toronto emergency room, complete with all sorts of other mishaps and shenanigans…and afterward, at the doctor’s recommendation, we picked up some Gravol at a local pharmacy to help ease Mister’s nausea. See – it’s in French, too! Oh, Canada!

And finally, the most exciting find was this:

Doesn’t everyone keep their not-yet-inflated beach balls in the medicine cabinet/closet?

Now I have this nice, clean, (presumably) FDA-approved closet:

Hooray! One more space’s clutter knocked out!


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