DeClutter Thursday: abstract version, if you will. I suggest you do.

Hi! For today’s decluttering, I’m being very liberal with what classifies as “decluttering”, in that I’m going to share my big Ikea purchases and convince you that they lend themselves favorably to my overall decluttering goal. Got it?

So…I bought some little basics, like baskets (4 for $10!!!) and more silverware and a few frying pans and the magazine holders I showed you before. We also decided, on a whim, to pick up a new coffee table for the living room. The one we had was showing some wear, and it’s really too small for the space….

So that one is out…and this one is in!

I think it’s much better suited for the space, and it looks nicer…and that equals decluttering, right? Right. And clearly, I desperately need a rug in here, too…but that’s a post for another time.

Our other spur-of-the-moment purchase was Mister’s idea…we’ve been saying that we need something at the foot of our bed, like a bench or whatnot, that would give Max something lower to jump on as he jumps up on the bed, which is pretty high. What we decided to do is grab two more ottomans like we already have in the living room, which happens to be Max’s favorite spot in the whole house, and we’ve just lined them up all bench-like.

Not super exciting, but the color works. It gives us a place to sit, when needed, plus these are storage ottomans, so we can use them to hold extra bedding and whatnot. See: DECLUTTER.

AND, best of all – less stress on Max’s bum leg. Yay!


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