Inspiration Files: Cafe/Bistro Lights

It’s my firm belief that cafe lights make any setting beautiful and dreamy and altogether better.

*image via Everything Is Better In Heels

*image via Alec Vanderboom

*image via Erin Pot Pie

*image via

*image via Style Me Pretty

I hope to have some cafe lights of my own very soon. ♥


2 responses to “Inspiration Files: Cafe/Bistro Lights

  • alwaysjan

    When the guys were trimming the trees last year, our string of cafe lights (originally purchased at World Market and no longer sold) was also “pruned.” My husband got half the string to light up, but it looked rather sad. Yesterday said tree guys managed to destroy the remaining strand, so I was googling images and came upon your blog. My husband (he of little imagination) took one look at the umbrellas and said, “Those would collect dirt!” I’m currently questing for replacements and love all your pix. I, too, love IKEA.

  • John Smith

    Thanks for the post! This is awesome!!!Keep posting. inspirational files

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