I could live at Ikea.

So, if you recall, back in May we hit the road for a weekend, and that road trip included a stop at Ikea, which is one of my most favorite places to stop ever! There are wonderful things there. They also play the best movies on the TVs in their living room displays; we saw The Cat In the Hat (the original cartoon), Mary Poppins, and Charlotte’s Web. That’s how they get ya.

Anyway, we did do some shopping which I’ll share later. For now, here are some of my favorite things!

Those plates and bowls are actually from the kids’ section, so they’re wee, but oh so adorable!

I would like to have all of these lights in my house. ♥

There are always great art prints to be found at Ikea. I love the Picasso sketches at the bottom.

We do plan – some day – to redo our kitchen, and Ikea is certainly a likely option for new cabinets and stuff. We really like this dark kitchen, and the island is amazing. I forget exactly what Mister was doing at the sink, but he’s cute, right? ♥

We really REALLY like this white kitchen with its bead board paneling look – this could very well be the kitchen we want for someday. Different counters, probably, but everything else is just perfect for our cute little cottage house.

We also found this great living room set – again with the paneling we like – and it looks like it would be perfect for our front wall in the living room, where we’ve thought about adding some built-ins. We brought home an info sheet so we can do some measuring and figuring to see if these cabinets would fit. I think we’d probably go with open shelves up top and the closed cabinet on the bottom…I think. The great thing about Ikea is that you can do so much mixing and matching to get the perfect fit.

Yay for Ikea! I’ll get back to you soon with some pics of what we brought home.


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