Treasure! Lucketts Spring Market

Ohhi! Yesterday I showed you a great sampling of the awesome things we found at Lucketts, and I will now reveal the amazing treasures that we brought home from the Lucketts Spring Market. Ready??

Ta da!

That’s it. Out of ALL the marvelous stuff, we came home with an authentic campaign button from Reagan’s first presidency. It’s not even for us – Mister bought it for his brother’s Man Room, which includes a wall of presidents. I don’t know why.

Here are my lessons learned from going to Lucketts:

  • Most of the stuff there has already been  refinished, upcycled, etc…which makes it really cool, but ALSO makes it more expensive, and really isn’t a viable option for someone looking to do her own refinishing and stuff. (That’s me.)
  • I have to stop overthinking it. When I would find something that struck my fancy, I would inevitably run through an internal debate of “well, what would I do with that? Where? When? Why?”. Then I would also inevitably talk myself out of it.
  • I have to just go with my gut. When I see something that really interests me, AND is in a price range with which I’m comfortable, then I just need to grab it! I can worry about what, when, why later.
  • Consider what I’ll regret. From Lucketts, I really regret that I didn’t buy those theater seats. They were very reasonably priced and would have been so much fun to redo. I have to learn to recognize those things that I’ll regret not taking home.

I really am so glad that we went on this trip, and I look forward to doing more things like this in future. BUT, I know what lessons I’ve learned and what I need to keep my focus on…and I know that I really need to start paying more attention to yard sales and flea markets and places like that where folks are trying to get rid of old stuff…not trying to make a living from it.

More to come soon on this part of my to-do list (hopefully)!


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