On the road: Lucketts Spring Market

The Lucketts Spring Market was all these things, in no particular order: busy, hot, smelly, fun, muddy, awesome. Leesburg, VA is a precious town, with a gorgeous historical district, and lots of really cute antique shops in addition to Lucketts. I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a fun weekend getaway.

I didn’t take my fancy camera with me, so I was just using my cell phone for pics, and I didn’t get any good ones of the market overall, or of the crowd. You can see more of that at the Lucketts blog, as well as on the Miss Mustard Seed blog.

There was SO much to see there. Mister and I covered it all…I think…and saw lots of really great things. There was a ton of furniture pieces, which made me happy, and just a plethora of anything and everything else. Today I’ll share some of my favorite finds from around the market.

That table full of blue glass items drew me in so fast….you guys know I can’t resist glass. The dresser above was really a very deep teal color, which my cell phone just couldn’t fight the sun to capture. I also just love old photographs, whether they’re of people I know or not, so I loved looking over the photo displays I came across.

There were two of the wooden theater seats available, and just $42 each, which I thought was pretty awesome. They’re a great blank palette – you could do any sort of fun paint treatment and they would just be precious.

I loved both of these things.

We also toured the Lucketts Design House, which is a gorgeous old farm house filled with just beautiful stuff. And I mean like really filled – this house is packed! I wish I had gotten more pics, but there were SO many people in there, and it was SO hot, so we didn’t spend a ton of time in there. But truly, every room was just marvelously set up with so many gorgeous items: great refinished case goods, beautifully upholstered couches and chairs, and really lovely accent pieces, all with a very vintage feel that was both rustic and glamorous.

At the market, we also found some weird stuff. Weird, but cool. Like this:

The giant head didn’t have a price tag on it, and we didn’t feel strongly enough about it to find someone who could tell us the price….but I feel pretty sure that IF it had been sitting there with a clearly marked price of, say, $5 – it would have come home with us.

We also found some things that were just weird.

We also, unfortunately, saw several copies of this sign:

I love the shabby, distressed look of it, but NO NO. No apostrophe needed!

Overall, the market really was a lot of fun and I’m so glad we went. Be sure to check back here tomorrow to see exactly what treasures made their way home with us! Yay for treasures!


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