DeClutter Thursday: mini version

Hi there. I have tons of stuff to share with you from last weekend and the Lucketts Spring Market, as well as from a trip to Ikea…and I will share it all soon. My week has been turned quite upside down, thus the absence of new blog posts. My Chloe has been in the doggy hospital since Tuesday, diagnosed with some extreme form of anemia, the full name of which I just can’t remember. She’s responding to treatment, and she hasn’t gotten any worse…but she also hasn’t really gotten much better. Please send all the positive thoughts and prayers that you can.

I did find a few minutes for a mini-decluttering. I told you before about all my magazines, and my quest for better storage. At Ikea this weekend, I went ahead and picked up some of their cute little magazine holders – just $2 each!

They’re my favorite color, they’re sturdy, and oh yeah, they’re cheap. I grabbed 20 of them, which I think should take care of all my magazines, with some room to grow. I think. Now, my office is a COMPLETE wreck, so I’ve carefully positioned these photos to show as little of the room as possible, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Just ashamed to show it. Anyway, here’s an idea of my current magazine storage:

There are 9 cubbies on each side of my project table, and maybe 6 of them right now are (haphazardly) filled with magazines. I also then have stacks of mags on my floor, my lateral file cabinet, on top of the scanner, etc. I went ahead and popped together a few of the Ikea holders…filled one up (fits 12 Martha Stewart issues perfectly) and went to slide the holder back into the cubby.

Oops. Clearly, someone didn’t measure before making her purchase. I figured the holders were the same height as the magazine…and I know the magazines fit…so A = B = C, so A = C, right? Wrong. (They’re much taller than the magazines. Who knew?)

No problem, though! I have different shelves and cubbies on the other side of the room!

Perfect fit! Again, I’m showing just a tiny portion of this bookshelf because omg it’s a mess over there. Still, whenever I get around to cleaning this place up, I’ll know exactly where to store my magazines. Take that, clutter!

Max supports this.


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