DeClutter Thursday: I smell like a flower…or possibly a banana.

I always feel like I’m cheating when I do a quick-and-easy decluttering…BUT, if ya think about it, even the small spaces need to be decluttered…and at least it means that more clutter is being moved out…so I’m still awesome.

Today I did a quick declutter on my perfume/body lotion cabinet. I have a few fragrances I wear most often, but I do like to mix it up sometimes. So, I’ve built a collection over the years: scents that I only wear during winter, or during summer…or that I only wear when I’m feeling fancy or feeling nostalgic. I knew a lot of these bottles had been sitting in there for a while, un-used, so it was time.

I found a few bottles in the back where it looked like the lotion had…turned, I guess is the right word. So those went in the trash. I also had a few items that I remember were impulse buys, and then once I got home and wore them maybe once or twice, I fell out of love with the scent. So those went, too. I found that I had a few bottles of the same scent, in various levels of emptiness, so I combined those and got rid of a few bottles. Now I’m left with the stuff that I know is 1) still good…2) something I will wear…3) not in a bottle with a broken top and therefore leaking all over the bottom of the cabinet (it was like a gardenia-scented silly putty). That leaves:

Easy to reach, easy to remember what I have in there, and therefore easy to smell like a flower…or a banana. Mmmmmm.


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