DeClutter Thursday: the Crown Jewels

Ohhi! I took an easy route for decluttering today, but I did declutter, by golly. I decided to hit my jewelry drawer. I don’t wear much jewelry at all these days, but back in my go-to-the-office days, I did. I’m all about the costume jewelry (read “easy on my wallet”), and have just a few very precious pieces, like my wedding and 10th anniversary rings and other fancy stuff that Mister has given me over the years. Those precious pieces have very specific little boxes where they stay…and all the costume jewelry has just sort of been tossed around in this drawer for a few years. That gives us this:

I pulled everything out…just threw away any pieces that seemed hopelessly tangled…put aside pieces that I’ve never worn, or haven’t worn in years, or just don’t see myself wearing ever again…and then organized the stuff that I want to keep. I had a lot more little individual boxes in that drawer than I realized, so I was able to give everything that I’m keeping its own little nesting place. Ta da!

Of course, after I finished and was back in my office downloading the pics from my camera, I realized that I had totally neglected the little wooden chest I have on my dresser that has even more jewelry. SO, that will have to be a separate exercise –  but the bulk of my jewelry was in the drawer. Therefore, I still win this decluttering round. I’ve got my Goodwill pile of items, too, that we’ll drop off at some point:


Check out some really cute inspiration pics for other ways to store your jewelry:

*image via A Time For Everything

*image via Tipple & Snack on Etsy

I LOVE THIS ONE (above)!

*image via Design*Sponge

*image via Down and Out Chic

*image via Happy Day Vintage on Etsy

This one makes me want to find an old, cheap wood jewelry armoire and refurbish it! That may actually be a really smart beginner project for me. *wheels spinning*


One response to “DeClutter Thursday: the Crown Jewels

  • Deb

    So, if you haven’t goodwilled those yet, let me know. I know Rita would love to recycle some of those beads and such.

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