When worlds collide.

Some of my readers will be aware of this…some will not…as a hobby/small side business, I create 3d virtual content for an online virtual world/community. Specifically, I create furniture and decor items, since clearly that’s what I love the most. I don’t have any intention of using this blog to share or promote my virtual creations, BUT I stumbled across something the other day that was funny and awesome all at the same time, and to share that with you, I had to explain about the hobby. So now I’ve done that, all vague-like. 🙂

Here’s the funny thing: I was searching around for inspiration pics of mid-century modern furniture and decor. One of the items that came up on Google Images took me to a random blog post about gossip benches. I love gossip benches!! In fact, I created some a few years ago for my virtual business. This particular blog post was a round-up of gossip bench images from all over the web…and as I was scrolling through, BAM! There were my virtual gossip benches, mixed in with a bunch of, you know, real gossip benches.

Yeah – those are mine. I feel like it’s pretty obvious that they’re…well, cartoon furniture, for lack of a better description. I’m sure the blog author found the pic on my other blog that is dedicated to virtual content…but I just giggle that they included these in their post! You can see the whole post here – they have a lot of great examples of (real) gossip benches…with just a little bit of pretend mixed in. 😉

Since we’re talking about gossip benches…ooh, I love these!

*image via Magdeline Oldmixon

*image via Apartment Therapy


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