It’s not easy being green

Anyone who knows me should also know that green is my absolute favorite color of all time. ALL TIME. Pretty much the whole green color range…minus forest and army green…makes me happy. I’d venture to say that it IS easy being green.

*image credits, clockwise from top left: Matthew Marks ; My Home Ideas ; Eastman Images

Those may be the most beautiful stairs that I’ve ever seen…and the deep green in the last pic is just stunning.

*image credits, clockwise from top left: House Beautiful ; Home Decor Arcade ; Home Decor Arcade

I looked everywhere for swirly chairs like the ones in the middle picture. Couldn’t find anything. Not cool.

*image credits, clockwise from top left: Coastal Living ; Pure Green Blog ; House Beautiful ; Beach Bungalow 8

The bright green lacquer in the bottom picture is just kind of awesome. Ooh, shiny!

*image credits, clockwise from top: My Home Ideas ; Aphro Chic ; Matthew Marks ; Anders Schonnemann Photography ; Design Theory Interiors

I could nom both of the multi-hued cabinets on the bottom row…but especially the one on the left. I NEED THAT IN MY LIFE.

*image credits, clockwise from top left: Country Living ; My Home Ideas ; My Home Ideas

The first bathroom is so perfect for a cottage…which I happen to have. 🙂 The last bathroom is so dramatic!! I want jewelry that looks like that!!

And…because I know some of my readers would be disappointed if I didn’t…let’s give Kermit his due. 😉


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