Window Shopping: Vintage Industrial

After my Inspiration Files post last week about vintage industrial decor, I decided to do some online window shopping to see what I could find for my own home…or your home…or someone’s home. Now, I’m sure that I’d have much better success going to salvage yards, antique stores that specialize in industrial items, or really cool, hip boutiques that focus on re-purposed designs…all things that just don’t seem to exist here in southeastern VA. I kinda think I’d find better bargains by going to places like that, because holy crap, this online stuff is pricey! I also didn’t spend a lot of time searching through Etsy, or eBay, or even CraigsList…mainly because I’m way too lazy and impatient for that. I imagine there are vintage industrial gems to be found through those channels, if you wanna search them out.

I did scour through the interwebs, though, to find a fun sampling of what’s available out there. So, if you like the vintage industrial vibe…and maybe you’re made of cash 😉 ….then check this stuff out.

I love the look of using these pieces in the living room, as coffee table or end tables…or sofa tables or hall tables…I think they work wonderfully in any of these capacities. I absolutely love the crank table thingies on the last row above – so fun!

Where to buy, clockwise from top left:

I have a huge fondness for cabinets of all shapes and sizes. It may be because you can really use them in ANY room of the house…or because you can hide clutter inside them (aha!)…or maybe because they have doors and drawers and nooks and that’s always fun. I would SO love to have the old white shoe cabinet in the middle row above – how awesome would that be in a walk-in closet?!?

Where to buy, clockwise from top left:

  • Loft 3F: Antique Ice Box $1450.00 (I would totally use this as an armoire!)
  • Rehab Vintage: Large Laboratory Cabinet $3200.00
  • Get Back, Inc: Vintage Metal Dental Cabinet $12500.00 (this may be the most awesome thing I’ve ever seen…and no, that is NOT a typo in the price. Yowza.)
  • Restoration Hardware: Industrial Tool Chest $795.00
  • Restoration Hardware: Industrial Tool Chest Console $1595.00-$1695.00
  • Caravati’s Inc: Old Department Store Shoe Rack $2500.00 (for my old school Hampton Roads peeps: this rack is from the Miller & Rhodes in Richmond. Remember Miller & Rhodes? ♥)

*Okay…the two from Restoration Hardware aren’t vintage industrial, since they’re mass-manufactured and, of course, not vintage. But they are inspired by vintage pieces, and they’re awesome, so…they stay.

Alright, maybe this is more awesome than the old dental cabinet – who wouldn’t want an old school cafeteria-style table in their dining room? I know I would!! And then I’d hang a few of the train station lights above it!

Where to buy, clockwise from top left:

  • Get Back, Inc: Cast Iron & Wood Swing Out Seat Table $8600.00
  • Get back, Inc: Industrial Wood & Metal Adjustable Stool $750.00 (these would be great bar stools)
  • Get Back, Inc: Overhead Train Station Light/Lamp $1800.00

I would totally use that work table as my home office desk.

Where to buy, clockwise from top left:

  • Get Back, Inc: Industrial Wood & Cast Iron Work Table $2400.00
  • Loft 3F: Emeco Captain’s Chair $95.00 (Finally! Something close to my price range! -ish!)
  • Get Back, Inc: Remington Rand Adjustable Chair $1250.00

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