DeClutter Thursday: phoning it in.

Hm, look at that. Thursday already. I had plans to declutter my main pots-and-pans kitchen cabinet…but I’m still adjusting to being back in an 8-5 job, AND Mister has been home sick, which throws off my routine altogether. So, we’ll still talk about decluttering this week…we just won’t actually do any.

*image via Debra Bafia on Pinterest

Thinking about my soon-to-be-decluttered-I-promise kitchen cabinet, I did just a little searching for cool storage ideas.

*image via Design Sponge

I like the thought of having a wall-hanging rack rather than a ceiling-hanging rack. Plus, I LOVE the chalkboard wall. I vow to have a chalkboard wall in my house. SOME DAY.

*image via

This would be handy, although I don’t really have that many pots and pans…I have more plastic containers than anything else, and those get unruly. UNRULY.

I looked for some pics of great ways to store plastic containers, but couldn’t really find anything exciting. I did, however, somehow manage to stumble across this image, and this built-in hammock wins the internet today. Well done!!

*image via Pan-Dan


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