Inspiration Files: Vintage Industrial

I’m clearly not a design professional of any sort; I’m just a big fan of design of all sorts. What that means is that I may not know much about design, but I know what I like. When it comes to home decor, something I really love about current trends is that there seems to be a lot fewer rules in decorating, compared to maybe 20 years ago or so. I love seeing so much mixing of styles and time periods, and I especially love seeing the use of vintage industrial items becoming more common. I think industrial mixes so well with pretty much any style: modern, shabby, vintage country, mid-century, and on and on.

*image credits, clockwise from top left: HomeLife ; Country Living ; Country Living

I love the blue lockers in the kitchen. I would love to find some old warehouse lockers to use for storage.

*image credits, clockwise from top left: Greige Design ; Country Living ; Country Living

This set of pictures makes me want to redo my office. I really would love to have an old flat file or index file to use, preferably metal, although I’d take a battered and chipped old wood cabinet, too!

*image credits, clockwise from top left: Velvet & Linen ; House Beautiful ; Design Sponge ; Chic Tip ; Remodelista

It would be awesome to have some industrial decor items to use, like the lamp and the glass jars in the first picture. My favorite pic in this grouping is on the bottom row – the repurposed factory windows being used for the shower. Gorgeous!


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