DeClutter Thursday: The Dreaded Laundry Room

Hi! I’m kind of cheating again this week. But only kind of. Here’s the situation: after 4 months of being on severance (best vacation EVER), I’m returning as a contractor to my former employer, as of this coming Monday. So, yesterday and today, I was in the office getting my laptop set up and getting access straightened out, yada yada…as well as taking the opportunity to swoop around the building to visit all my former co-worker pals. (Hi, guys!) SO – my decluttering time was cut short. Swear.

Here’s what I’ve done, though – I started working on the laundry room. This, my friends, is SERIOUS BUSINESS. My laundry room is a disaster – it’s actually a bedroom that was converted, which means it’s a really nice size. Which, therefore, means there’s room for us to throw all sorts of crap in there. And we are not ones to waste such an opportunity.

See? We did buy cabinets a few years ago, and you see that some of them have actually been assembled…but there are still a few that have not…and at this point, honestly, I really don’t like those cabinets and wish we had gone a different direction. Oh well. Mister and I will be chipping away at the laundry room over the next few weekends – I have cleared up most of that pile o’ stuff that was in the middle of the room….but that’s all so far. I won’t post “after” pics until it’s all done, at least as far as the actual decluttering goes…so this is to be continued!

But first, some inspiration!

*image via Bolig Pluss

*image via Great Interior Design

*image via Better Homes and Gardens

*image via House To Home


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