Inspiration files: Window Dressing

For some reason that I’ve yet to define, I have a complete decorating mental block when it comes to window treatments. I suppose, really, I generally just prefer wide open “naked” windows so that I can get as much natural light streaming in as possible. Right now, in bedrooms and bathrooms, we do have some basic generic blinds up for privacy. In our living room and dining room, we actually have some fairly nice and kinda fancy drapes…which conveyed with the house. They aren’t my style at all, but I’ve never taken them down because 1) I’m lazy, and 2) they’re basically a swag at the top and then short tapered panels on the side, so they don’t block any of the window at all.

I recognize that I need to be more aware of my window dressings and that I need to figure out how to dress them in a way that works with my style and doesn’t drive me insane. I’m not ready to make that happen right now, but I am ready to think about it. 🙂 To the inspiration files!

I really like the sheerness of these fabric shades, and I love that they’re such a deep brown. It makes a great impact without overpowering the window, and certainly without sacrificing natural light.

*image via Anouk B

These are a little heavier and offer more privacy, so they’re better suited for a bedroom or bathroom. They still ‘feel’ very light and airy, though, which is what I would want.

*image via Little Green Notebook

I LOVE this look for the bathroom! It looks like these would still afford the privacy you need, and the way they diffuse the light is just dreamy!

*image via House Beautiful

I have seriously considered – and by “seriously”, I mean that I’ve actually spoken about it out loud to Mister – using some sort of natural shade, like bamboo or wicker, in the living room. I like the look of the dark shades with the light drapery panels in these next two pictures…I just don’t know how successful I’d be at selecting panels that would work. It’s like my brain just can’t put it all together – should I stick with a sheer panel? A neutral color but heavier material? Should I go with a patterned panel instead, to coordinate with furniture? I DON’T KNOW. But I do like the look of these.

*image via

*image via House & Home

I’m also really digging the use of coarser materials like canvas or burlap. You see these materials used quite a lot recently in all sorts of ways – upholstery, throw pillow, and window treatments. I like the raw look in this first picture, and I really adore the use of old burlap sacks in the next picture! I kind of want to be the girl who uses burlap sacks like that.

*image via House Beautiful

*image via Apartment Therapy

These blinds have that great texture, too, and what I really like is how they’re set up with hooks and eyelets so that you can secure them up and to the side to let in more light (as seen in the second pic). Nice look.

*images via House Beautiful

Clearly, whenever I tackle the window treatments, what will make me happy is something very light and probably very organic in feel. When I was looking for inspirations, I just wasn’t drawn to anything formal or heavy or fussy. I need to keep it simple. So that’s step one, right? Knowing is half the battle.


6 responses to “Inspiration files: Window Dressing

  • Mister

    Mister doesn’t care for the burlap at all. Otherwise he is wide open for whatever you want to do. He prefers a darker room, but will yield to your burgeoning expertise.

  • Rufus the Nudist

    Oh, you’ve touched on a subject that is very near and dear to my heart! Windows……what to do? For years, I’ve longed for the light, airy feel of a beachside cabana. As of late, my heart has longed for the dark, private, and shaded treatments. I believe I may be afflicted with a seasonal disorder…. Alas, I am at a loss. I cannot pinpoint my true desire. Flaunt it or hide it? Does it pay to advertise? Being somewhat of a nudist, my neighbors would certainly appreciate the well shaded treatments. I’m not so sure…….Should I supress who I am to please the community? So many concerns, so few solutions. If you would like to discuss over coffee, please let me know. I’m thrilled that someone has taken an interest in my life’s passion!!!

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