DeClutter Thursday

Ohhi! Once again, I feel like I have to justify before I launch in to this week’s DeCluttering. So, know this: we are not bad housekeepers. We vacuum and dust regularly, clean the kitchen often, and keep the main living areas mostly clutter free. When company is coming, the house gets super-duper cleaning applied, and it’s a very pleasant, cute, comfy house to be in. Having said that: we also do a bad job of keeping track of what gets put into closets, as you’ve seen from previous decluttering posts. As it turns out, our kitchen pantry is essentially a closet. And that is where my decluttering took me today.

There’s a lot of stuff in there. We don’t really cook so much, like “real” cooking, but I do bake occasionally, so we end up with a lot of baking supplies because I buy a ton and then don’t use it all. Plus we end up with a lot of random items from those rare times we decide to do some real cooking…so we end up with stuff just shoved in there, as seen above. BUT – and this is critical – remember that the living room is clutter free.

Anyway, I started sorting through everything and threw out anything beyond its expiration (4 trash bags full), or anything that maybe was still good, but I knew there was no way we would ever use it before it did actually expire. I was able to do a nice scrub down on the shelves, too, which is always good. Speaking of, the pantry was structured like this when we moved in, with the shelves and the massive pegboard. It could certainly use some re-constructing….and, of course, a fresher coat of paint…but it is sturdy and serves its purpose. So paint and whatnot…maybe someday.

Here’s what’s left now:

I tried to organize it as logically as possible, with baking stuff together…seasoning together…stuff we use the most often right up front…stuff like that. I also added some baskets because baskets ALWAYS make things better. I’ve got a basket of snacks….a basket for bags of popcorn…one for all my partial bags of powdered and brown sugars…and another for anything that is in a pouch or packet. It’s much nicer in there now. You’ll see on the floor that we have a nice big wheeled plastic container that we use for dog food – I’d love to find another one, maybe smaller, to use for all the dog biscuits. Right now, we use the super-size cardboard box on the right…which works fine, but also gives Max fairly unlimited access to the biscuits when the door is open. Max needs moderation.

Okay, here’s the fun stuff. 🙂 First, look what I found in there!

Mister will be so happy – I know he bought those when he was on a Kool-Aid kick a while back…which clearly died out before his supply was up.

Even more fun – in a wtf kind of way – are my two MOST expired items. Now – again – remember that we are not awful people, we just lose track of what’s in our closets. That’s all.

So yeah – the top pic is from a can of soup. What’s funny is that we moved into this house in 2003, so apparently we moved this soup with us. And now – that second pic. Yes, that is a 1984 expiration. On a canister of ground cinnamon. Here’s what I know – I haven’t used that cinnamon in possibly ever. But for whatever reason, it has moved with me from my childhood home, to each apartment I’ve had, to both houses I’ve owned. I don’t know why. It has now been disposed of. Don’t judge.

And now – pantries to dream of!!

*image via Cadillac Custom Closets

*image via junkgarden on Flickr

*image via The House of Smiths

*image via junkgarden on Flickr


8 responses to “DeClutter Thursday

  • Alicia Chenaux

    LOL! This reminds me of a few weeks ago when my boyfriend decided to clean our freezer. The further back he dug, the older the frozen veggies got. He found some that expired in 2003, meaning we’d brought them with us from our old apartment. Embarrassing!! But it was nice to get them out of there. Lots of room for….more stuff!

  • Sharon

    OMG! I find myself feeling a little bit nostalgic knowing that I could have been with you when that ground cinnamon first entered your world! Well done, you on all projects decluttering! Perhaps some inspiration will come my way!

  • Ma

    First of all, I’m incredibly impressed that you even considered tackling that closet, let alone actually did it! Second, I can’t believe you didn’t find any scary critters in there. Third, Max is a handsome beast.

  • Ma

    PS: I’ve been looking for that cinnamon everywhere!

    • admin

      yeah – i’ve had that cinnamon since 1992 — but i have to wonder why you were holding on to it from pre-1984 until 1992. you are clearly the root cause here.

  • traie

    Who knew cinnamon expired? I recently cleaned out the fridge at my grandmother-in-laws and found humour that expired in 2002. Also, I am working on convincing my mom that things do expire even if they are in w can. So its not just you my friend.

  • Side note: lesson learned and a sneak peek (oh my). « To-do List

    […] that I check my baking powder’s expiration date…which seemed silly since I did that mass decluttering a few months ago and threw away everything that had expired…or did I??? [dramatic music] […]

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