Window shopping: magazine storage

I hoard magazines. Not, like, any and all magazines…but all of my home/decor magazines, yes. So, I have several years’ worth of Martha Stewart Living…House Beautiful…Cottage Living…Country Living…and probably a few I can’t think of. I have no plans to get rid of these magazines, because I totally do refer to them again from time to time when I’m looking for inspiration. Plus, I love the thought of having them 20-30-40 years from now, as a historical record. I could really use a better way to store them, though, than what can best be described as “haphazardly”. My office does have a lot of shelves and cubbies, which is great, but the mags are just stacked randomly…or strewn about…depending where you look. So let’s do some window shopping for solutions.

First stop: See Jane Work

1) These Basic Magazine Holders from See Jane Work are ideal. Great colors and texture, with the cute little metal label holders — but they’re also $10 each. Too pricey for me because 1) I’m cheap, and 2) I have A LOT of magazines, which would necessitate A LOT of magazine holders.

2) Oh goodness, these are precious! Again from See Jane Work, these are the Vinea Magazine Files – made of steel and coated in epoxy, these will last a very long time. But, they’re $22 a piece – so that’s a ‘no no’ from me.

Moving on to The Container Store.

1) I like the Translucent Magazine Files for their material, and also because they come in two sizes. The XL size is big enough to fit a year’s worth of standard magazines, which is really handy. These are $7.99 each for the regular size, and 9.99 for the XL. Not bad…but not awesome. 🙂

2) The Silver Mesh Magazine File is fun. I like the slightly modern feel to the material. These are just 6.99 each, which really isn’t bad.

3) Ooh, the Brocade Magazine File is very close to the Vinea file from above…but the Brocade is only $14.99. Not an awesome price if you need a great quantity, but if you only need a few, then you can still get that great look for cheaper!

4) Okay, this is a different direction, but I do like the idea of bins rather than files. Plus, these Feathergrain Bins just have a great finish to them. However, they’re $24.99 each for the large size, which is what I would need.

Now Ikea, because Ikea ALWAYS has what I need.

1) The Flyt Magazine File from Ikea is probably the most super cost-efficient option, like, EVER – you can get a 5-pack for just $1.99. THIS IS WHY I LOVE IKEA. They aren’t super exciting, but would certainly do the job. The downside is that these aren’t available to order thru the website, only for purchase at a store, and my nearest Ikea is about 4 hours away.

2) Okay – the Lingo Magazine file, again from Ikea, has a bit more flair to it, and it’s just 2.99 for a 4-pack. Still an awesome bargain – but only available at the store. Grrr.

3) I really like these – this is the Dokument Magazine File from Ikea. These are 2 for 6.99, which is still a great price, but clearly not so cost-efficient when you need, like….50 of them. Cute, though! (Also not available through the website.)

On a whim, I checked Three Potato Four, and they have tons of omg-so-awesome old crates that I would love to have 1 or 2 of, for decorative storage…but they’re all sold out. 😦

I even checked Etsy – there were a few cute options, but still not the cheapest, although the prices were fairly reasonable. This was a cute one

…which made me realize that I could probably take the super cheap and plain ones from Ikea and cover them in something more exciting. Intriguing.

I checked a few other places, like Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, Anthropologie, etc…and while there were some awesome options, they were top dollar options. Really, Ikea would be my best bet…just don’t know that I can justify the 4 hour drive for magazine files. Not that I can’t find other things to buy there, let’s be honest. We’ll see. 🙂


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