Inspiration files: Porches

So, Spring is still trying to establish itself here, with my full support. That means more windows-open days, and it means more porch-time. (By “time”, I really mean “naps”.) We have a cute little screened back porch that I adore – I don’t have pics to share today because it hasn’t had the annual “oh-hell-time-to-clean-the-porch-so-that-it’s-habitable” cleaning spree just yet. I would love to dress up our porch a bit – it’s pretty tame now, with a basic seating set…and that’s it. So today, we daydream about porches, as inspiration for daydreaming on porches. See what I did there?

I love the colors used on this porch, and I really love the idea of having a dining space out there.

*image via Frillie Designs on Flickr

Oh, I love the softness of the curtains and the muted colors in this next one! This really feels like a living space, versus just a porch that has chairs and stuff. Big difference.

*image via Kathryn Dover on Pinterest

I am willing to state that it is my firm belief that a porch swing will ease your worried mind every time. Every. Time.

*image via Country Living

I love the paper lanterns in this one, and all the cute little accessories!

*image via The Stir

This one is so sweet! I love the white chairs, and the little ledge is lovely. All the flowers just make it dreamy!

*image via Vanessa Pleasants on Pinterest

This one is a little boho, which I really like. I love the use of the organic textures…and more curtains! Lovely!

*image via Veronica TM on Flickr

Oh, I love all the shutters! So much gorgeous weathered wood! I love the color they painted the floor, too – it’s all so very coastal indeed!

*image via Coastal Living


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